Dark (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Becca Morris is an eighteen year old girl. She miss goody two shoes. She makes good grades, always follows the rules, and has a perfect life. But that might change. Liam Payne marked her. She couldn't see anybody but her friends and Liam. But why happens is she breaks all the rules? And also get on Liam's soft side.


18. Chapter Eighteen

Dark: Chapter Eighteen


*Becca's POV*


I was happy because he was happy. I know I'm awfully young to be a mom but I'm ready. Liam and I were just watching some movies. 

Hawaii was hectic and that was like 4 months ago. Yes. I'm 4 months pregnant. I'm also engaged to Liam. I never loved someone so much as I love him. He's my world. 



"Yeah babe."


"Should we get married before or after the baby is born?" I asked. 

"I think after. I know he or she isn't going to remember it but I want the baby to be there when we get married."


I smiled and pecked his lips. By the way. Liam is starting to turn into Justin Timberlake. Like legit. I think my last name is gonna be Timberlake instead of Payne. 


Just saying, Iran have you seen Justin Timberlake lately. I even told Liam we have to go see him in concert. He's coming to London. I really want to see him.


"Liam, we have to go see Justin Timberlake." I said.


"Fine. I'll get the tickets." He said.


I kissed him hard and he kissed back. 


"Thank you."


"No problem."


He got his laptop and started to see what was available. I went into the kitchen and got some ice cream. My cravings are raging for something sweet. Liam came into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around my waist.


'I got front row seats." He said eating MY ice cream.


"Cool and don't eat my ice cream." I said.


He chuckled and kissed my lips. I let his lips lingerer there for a minute and I pulled away.


"Are you teasing me? He asked.


"I don't know. Am I?" I said seductively.


He kissed me again and I kissed back this time. We heard someone knock on the door, we jumped.


I walked by the door and opened it. I saw my mom standing there.


"Mom. What are you doing here?"


"I can't see my own daughter." She said.




I let her come into our house and she sat on the couch.


"I want to tell you that I'm not going to be in London anymore. I'm going to rehab to get rid of my drug addiction."


I smiled. "Good for you mom. I'm proud of you."


"So. What's been going on with you?"


"A lot has happened. I'm engaged now."


"Congratulations. When's the wedding?"


I didn't want to tell her. She'll probably call me a whore.


"After the baby is born."


My mom was surprised, but smiled wider.


"You're not mad?"


"Why would I be mad?!? I'm going to be a grandmaw!"


She hugged me and I hugged back.


"Thanks for being happy for me mom."


"Anything for you."


Liam went go hang out with guys while I hang out with my mom.


"So I told dad about everything. He was happy. I'm glad he was. I want both of you there. I want to see you guys there when I walk down the isle."


"I'll be there. I promise. I'm only going to rehab for 6 months. I'll be out before you know it."


I know me and my mom had a bad arguement several months ago, but we made up.


"I should go home and pack. My flight is tomorrow. Bye Becca."


"Bye mom. I love you."


"I love you, too."


We hugged once more and finally let go. She walked out the door and I burst into tears.


Stupid hormones.









Guess Who's back!! Sorry I haven't updated in forever!! I'm such a bitch.


I know it's short but hey it's something.










Thanks for having your patience.









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