Vents & Poems From A Narcoleptic High Schooler-Among Other Things

High school. The year where everything came back and the former, well known version of myself died...this is me now.
*Mixtures of poems, prose, possibly letters, & short stories*


3. Vent: Comparison

Every day it's the same,
Being compared countless times,
He's better at this,
Better at that,
Never gets scolded,
Little do you know about the things he does.

He lies,
He's greedy,
He doesn't care,
He flips people off!

Oh sure, he's fine with 1 C
But what about me?
No, I'm the lazy-ass kid that doesn't "apply" herself,
Therefore I am scolded.

Oh, he can lie huh?
Grounded for a day.
Oh, I only lied once!
I got grounded for longer!

I tried, I swear,
But all I got were B's and C's..
He got A's and B's
You congratulate him.

Oh, hey I got an A!
I beat him at something!
No..No response?
Oh, your proud?
You don't sound like it..
Why try when nothing will change, then?
I guess I'm a failure..

Sure, he's smart,
So what if he knows more then me?
You LOVE his knowledge,
Yet, when I know something he doesn't,
You act As though that's okay.

He doesn't want to do anything,
Fine, you do it yourself.
I don't want to do anything this once time,
"Oh my god your so lazy!"

Hell, you compare us to pick on me.
You put me down,
Ridicule me,
Not encourage me,
Like you do to him.

Don't you get it?
I ignore you
But sometimes, it really does hurt..
I feel shunned,
Heck, I feel unloved,

You WANT the best for me?
Where's your support?
Cos punishing won't solve shit!
Man, I've had it with you!
Your needs are unrealistic,
Just like your fantasies!

I don't care anymore,
I just act like a zombie,
Getting through the day.

I can't think straight,
My head has been poisoned,
Plagued with all your comments,
As long as my own,
But hey, they were caused by YOU.
It's not my fault,
It's yours.

I don't have any self-esteem,
I can't do anything,
I'm a failure,
Doomed to be a loser,
And a bum on the streets..

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