Vents & Poems From A Narcoleptic High Schooler-Among Other Things

High school. The year where everything came back and the former, well known version of myself died...this is me now.
*Mixtures of poems, prose, possibly letters, & short stories*


8. Poem #6: Withering


Trying to clear my head,

Setting all thoughts aside,

Trying to relax,

Convince myself it'll be okay,

But it isn't working.

After months of wait,




We'll finally get an answer,

To what's going on.

The chances of it being good are slim,

I can't seem to get that out of my head,

I want everything back the way it was,

The way YOU were,

Before you drastically transformed.

Your laughter,

Your smile,

The sparkle in your eyes,

The life in it all,

Most of all the joy,

It's all gone,

And I want it back.

Instead I get that change,

Nothing but confusion,

Unresponsive frustration,

Random screaming,

As though you are in trouble.

I demand to know what it is,

Anything but what everyone's guessing,

Either way,

I can feel my world crumbling down,

My fear about to show,

The word spill coming,

I gotta stop it!

Nobody will understand,

Much less comfort me,

About your situation.

I'm hoping hard,

Yet I can't shake this worry off,

The worry that I'll lose you forever,

And the year has just begun!

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