Vents & Poems From A Narcoleptic High Schooler-Among Other Things

High school. The year where everything came back and the former, well known version of myself died...this is me now.
*Mixtures of poems, prose, possibly letters, & short stories*


7. Poem #5: Hey, Sis?

A/N: Officially beginning 10th grade. Damn I don't wanna grow up..and this piece is very hard to talk about


5:30-6:38 P.M.

Hey, sis,

Where have you gone?

What happened?

What changed?

What caused that endless smile to go away?

Hey, sis,

Why are you screaming?

Are you listening to me?

Tell me what's wrong,

There's no need to scream like that.

Okay, I think I get it!

It's fine if you don't want to say,

But please know I'm worried.

Hey, sis,

You've gone awfully quiet,

Wait, are you falling asleep?

It's too early, but ok.

I'll leave you be a while longer.

Bolting back in her room,

I begin to shout,

"Sis, what's wrong!?

Please stop screaming!

Nothing's wrong,

Everything's fine!

Are you in pain!?

Did you have a bad dream!?"

Her screams grow worse again,

This time I can see she's almost crying,

Definitely frustrated because she can't speak.

"Do you want something to eat,"

I ask,

I mean you've slept the whole day!?

"Sis, please respond!

It's a yes or no question,

There's no need to get mad!"

Once again, it's nothing but that,

Unsure of what to do,

My anxiety builds up,

Along with concern,

Not even mother knows,

What the hell is happening!?

It's now became a routine,

I don't even try sometimes,

I throw the towel to my brother,

But to no avail.

It isn't like me to give up,

But I hate loud sounds,

This isn't her usual screams of joy or pain,

This is something different,

I can't even bear it,

Therefore I avoid her for safety.

Hey, sis,

It's been a few months now.

When will you communicate again?

Not just me,

But everyone else?

You can't stay in school this way,

Please come back!

Hey, sis,

I've been reading your school papers,

Your not doing so well,

Everyone's asking me what I have been asking myself all this time,

Where's the you we used to know?

What happened?

Please, I feel lost without you,

For you are amazing,

And everyone should see that.

No, sis!

Please don't go!

Don't fade away from me,

I mean us!

We love you!

Stop acting this way!

It's hurting me so much!

If God exists, tell him I demand to have you back!

I'm trying to wait,

But I can't keep this going,

Please come out!

We want you back!

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