That day

There's a young girl named Mar'Kayla and she is 15 well it was the first day of school and she met the man of her dreams it seems that he is fooling around with her bestfriend Katlen and ends up getting her pregnant.... The boy ray he is in a band called mindless behavior and his bestfriend Princeton betrays him and try's to talk to his ex what will happen.??..


15. Thinking things over 💭

So it's been 2 months since prince and i took a break well broke up and I think I might be ready to actually talk to him again , hopefully he didn't move on 🙏.. I grabbed my phone and almost regretted dialing his number.. It's started ringing and there's no sign he'll answer on the last ring I heard this beautiful voice answer

Prince10: What's up stranger long time no talk

I slightly giggled and pushed my hair behind my ear

Me: I just wanted to say I was sorry about tripping out like that when you called me another females name

Prince10: Oh it's fine , Uhm do you maybe what to go out sometime like to the movies or something..

I was speechless , I didn't know what to say

Me: That sounds fun , but uhm yeah I'll have to think about it

He sighed sadly I could tell he wanted it to work out...

Prince10: Alright , just let me know...

Before I could say anything else he hung up.. That was it for the night so I went and took my shower brushed my teeth and layed in bed...feeling guilty..

"Hey sweetie is everything alright ?" My mom asked walking in

I sat up a little bit "uhm not really.." I slightly sighed "Mom prince asked me out like to the movies and I don't know if I'm ready to take another chance with him or not.."

"Listen , if you love him and is ready to take chances with him go for it.." She told me

"But that's the thing , I don't know if I want to half of me is saying go for it and the other half is saying he's a jerk.."

"Well that's a choice you have to make.." She got up and left out of my room that's when I decided all lights out I'm going to bed..

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