That day

There's a young girl named Mar'Kayla and she is 15 well it was the first day of school and she met the man of her dreams it seems that he is fooling around with her bestfriend Katlen and ends up getting her pregnant.... The boy ray he is in a band called mindless behavior and his bestfriend Princeton betrays him and try's to talk to his ex what will happen.??..


9. The Mall &The Fight

After we talked and been reunited i called prince and told him i was on the way i hurried grabbed my keys and drove to the mall when i got out and saw him i kissed him hugged him he looked so cute he was dressed in some khacky skinny  jeans a black tee shirt with obey written in red a brownish Khacky backpack his red iphone case his red beats around his neck and some white and red jordan "baby girl you look amazing!" he told me after pecking my cheek " you look great also..." i told him back we walked in and walked around we went to foot locker and picked up alot of shoes until i got a message from ray saying  ray:look we need to talk i wanna be with you and you only!!!! i read it silently then replied back : ray look what about your son he loves you and im not changing that.. well after i text ray annoying self back prince was looking a little upset and when i tried to talk to him he nearly ignored me "baee whats wrong with you why are you acting like a little bissh" i asked him "im not acting like a little bissh im just a little upset that you are paying more attention to your phone then you are to me..." he told me looking more upset "what you me-*GCO* ring ring my phone vibrated again and read it.. " just like that you cut me off for your phone" he said "prince your acting like a bishh forreal maybe thats why your #1 girl never came cause you look sweet but your just like ray you 2 times him thats maybe why he calls himself raytwice..." i said as i was running off "baby girl wait.." he yelled behind me as i stopped in my footsteps " my daddy calls me baby girl my name to you is Mar'Kayla" i said as i was walking he was standing there with his hand on his head then all of a sudden he punched the wall... i walked in a couple stores by my self when i finally got to check my messages : what about  him he's just a little kid that i dont have time for please im not even in his life come on i'm trying to apoligize here.... i almost laughed when i read that because i know he is lying and i replied back: look just get off my line i have no time for liars so bye get off my line...  After i then texted him i wiped my face and all of a sudden a little  boy came and grabbed on my leg and stuck on it then a boy and a girl said "jaden" and came to pull him out " sorry about that.." he told me "its o-"*GCO* " you know what ray get away from me and katlen your such a bad friend because you knew i was dating ray and then you wanna go and get pregnant by him so you know what im finna whoop some lil mama lets go then... katlen pushed me and i feel into a rack of jeans and scraped my back pretty bad i got up and starting punching her in the face into  i got tired ( and i didn't get tired) i kept punching her and all of a sudden i heard a cracking noise and i kept punching until i saw blood streaming from katlen's nose i didn't care i got up and stomped Katlen in the face... police and mall cops and sercurity's where surronded around us "mommy" jaden screamed and ran over there the police was holding my hands behind my back and princeton walked in "baby what happened???" he asked me looking scared " let me go" i told the police as i jerked away i finally pulled away and kissed prince "(tells him everything that happened)" as he pecked my lips softly while listening " i should have never gotten so mad if i known ray was bothering you why didn't you tell me..????" he asked me with a crazy look on his face " i didn't want to break up the group and cause yall problems" i told him grabbing his face "its okay" he looked me in the eyes when he told me out of no where ray walked over there "Now Kayla w-*GCO* "leave her alone she did nothing to hurt you!!" princeton said jumping in .." well actually she did hurt me and she hurt my son too..." ray said back picking up his son " you hut my mommy tupid bish.." jaden to me "no jaden dont day that.." ray said while popping him "ray you have no business hurting people ecspecailly beautiful young ladies and having a kid at the age of 16  whats wrong with you looks what going to happen with your career and the poparazzi and your fans.." prince told him once again "i dont give a damn about my career or my fans to hell with them and i showll dont care about you mar'kayla" he said pointing at me " ray this friend ship or accosiates is over we can no longer be friends so loose im number" i said while walking off holding princes hand

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