That day

There's a young girl named Mar'Kayla and she is 15 well it was the first day of school and she met the man of her dreams it seems that he is fooling around with her bestfriend Katlen and ends up getting her pregnant.... The boy ray he is in a band called mindless behavior and his bestfriend Princeton betrays him and try's to talk to his ex what will happen.??..


10. Meeting Parents

Prince and I was finally leaving the mall when i had gotten a text message ring ring "Tf forreal ray stop damn"  he said getting upset i looked down at my phone and it Read Mommy:hey baby girl your dad and i miss you its time to come on home because we want to meet prince the boy your meeting and seeing so tell him dont be shy and stop on by.... when i read that i smiled and i replied back: kay mommy ill see what happeneds ;-)   my mom and my dad want to meet you so present your self whisley.."  i told him smiling he looked down to me "whatever you say my love.." he said while pecking me on the lips... i hurried and ran to my car so i can freshen up when i get home i drove speedy fast and tried to make it there as fast as i could when i got there my mom and dad was sitting there in there feelings "Where's the boy" My mom asked "damn maa He is coming he'll be here in a little" i ran upstairs took me a quick shower and brushed my teeth again i hurried and changed into a Flower belly button top with a pink long skirt(the kind you get from forever21) some earings to my sholder my cross bracelet and my tan bracelet and my tan wedges and my curly brown ombre hair going down my back with a light blue case with a little bit of tan in it and i almost forgot my blue jean jacket i put on a little bit of mascara and sat down at my desk and wrote in my journal Dear journal: today i went to the mall and i was with prince we got into a small disagrement and kinda got into ray started texting me and telling me that he didnt care about katlen or his child and when i got in a fight with katlen and whoped her ass he wanna be like i dont care about you or my career or my fans so i just told him we cant be friends anymore so he got upset  but idgaf soo... and now maa and papi wanna meet prince... so yaahh..... i got done writing when i heard the doorbell ring i ran down stairs as fast as i could and opened the door "you look amazing maa" prince told me "you do too papi" i told him back he was dressed in a Red shirt with some dark blue skinny jeans and some red hy-top shoes..standing there with his hands in his pockets i told him he could come and in and he did " hello Mr and Mrs.. Rodriguez im jacob but you can call me prince im Mar'Kayla's Boyfriend" he said while putting his hand around my waist..."come here prince please have a seat my wife and i are going to be asking you questions and i want the true under stand??" my papi said while patting the spot next to him  " yes sir" prince said while sitting.. "1. why do you like my daughter??" my dad asked first "She's beautiful,She dresses nice she can fight she has a pretty smile and i like her for who she is.." he told my dad while looking back at me "good answer" my dad told him with a smile "2.have you ever had sex before and tell me the truth??" my mom asked him "um no ma'am i haven't im still a virgin.." he told my mom "3.when are you thinking of having kids with my daughter???" my dad asked " whenever she tells me she's ready to get married.." he told my dad "ohh good kid i like you your welcome to come over anytime alright and dont call me Mr.Rodriguez just call me David" my dad told him with a big smile every one hugged and kissed prince and i kissed for about 12 seconds until my parents told me he had to leave because it was getting late but besides that i was happy that he got to come over when ever "" prince told me "" i told him back before he left... my parents both hugged me and told me he was a keeper....:)

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