That day

There's a young girl named Mar'Kayla and she is 15 well it was the first day of school and she met the man of her dreams it seems that he is fooling around with her bestfriend Katlen and ends up getting her pregnant.... The boy ray he is in a band called mindless behavior and his bestfriend Princeton betrays him and try's to talk to his ex what will happen.??..


1. How we met 👋

"Ring ring ring" I was Awaken by my stupid alarm that's meant it was time to get up when i got up i brushed my teeth and put on a white shirt with a diamond made mustache a blue jean jacket..My bottoms were black tights with cuts in them tan slide on's and my beautiful light brown hair flowing down my back pink lip stick and a little bit of mascara and i Accessorised a little bit and put on a black Two finger ring. Anyway i grabed my keys and headed out the door. About 10 minutes later i pulled up at a big brown school with the name of Weyburn High on top of it. i threw my keys down into my purse and i got out of my car and walked in. A young Man With 2 long Braids walked up to me" Hello how are you im ray" he told me with a quick smile i just stared for a little then i said "hey im Mar'kayla" I replied as i smiled i had a crush on him Since middle School why is he Noticing Me now well Anyway i needed a guide to the front office "Im ray if you need anything today just let me know " he told me as he Smiled "can  you please Guide me to the Front office" i asked him "yes  you have to go straight and turn right and you'll see a door that leads to the office." he told me "okay thanks" i told him back with a quick smile i walked to the front office with ray by my side when i got there i saw a young lady playing on facebook "excuse im Mar'kayla Rodriguez and i came to get my schedule and my locker number" she put her finger up to me when i was done and said "kid im doing something" with a horrible attitude and she continued on Facebook well i asked again " i came to get my schedule and my locker number" when i said it the 2nd time she handed it to me i walked off with ray when he asked "whats your locker number?" i glanced at my paper and looked at him "341 is my locker number" "oh wow your by me im at 343 just tell me when you need me im a couple lockers down" he told me i glanced up at the clock and it read 7:56 we had 4 minutes to get to class i stopped by the restroom to test my makeup and i looked at my schedule that read 1st period B123 i ran to my class B123 when i found a group of boys and ray was in the middle and some girls every where  i stood at the front of the class and waited for the teacher assign me a seat  when i walked in a heard a boy mumble "she fineee" and i just looked around when i saw the teacher walk in " HI im Mrs.Perez class we have a new student named Ma'kayla say hi class" she told them "wait my name is Mar'kayla not Ma'kayla" i told her "hi Mar'kayla" the class told me Mrs.perez pointed to where i should sit and it was by ray My POV: why are they putting me by ray im really not liking this i dont understand but whatever.. i hurried and took my seat so the teacher wouldn't suspect anything wrong.. when i sat at my desk i took out my journal and started writing :Dear Journal ,today i met the boy of dreams and i been liking him since the 7th grade when he moved to Weyburn middle now that im in 12th grade it seems that he notices me now why? i closed my journal and sat and waited for the teacher to give directions "Excuse me class we are going to be doing a project im going to assign you with a partner and your going to make a volcano its going to be due in 2-3 weeks so work hard, okay i want aliyah and princeton,, michelle and derek ,, kasey and prodigy ,alana and roc, and Mar'kayla and ray.. i turned around and seen ray pulling his chair right by mines "lets get working partner" he told me with a pretty big smile we started drafting things and seeing who was going to going to bring what stuff and how we are going to do it when the bell rang every one ran out like the room was on fire i ran to my locker and put my books up and walked out to my car when i saw ray leaning against my car "thanks for showing me around and where to go" i said as i kissed his cheek "anything for you maybe you should come over some times so we can work on the project" he told me "okay well i gotta go " i hugged him and in the car and drove off A/N : hey guys sorry this chapter was so long tell me what you think about it 

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