What Is Love?

A beautiful girl named Myra never understood love and caring completely. Some would call her heartless and cold. She never was always like this. At age 9 her father had died in a horrible car accident. Which caused her to break. Myra never smiled again. She now questions everything ad could have a completely scientific answer. But when questioned about love she knew nothing. This is her adventure in finding out what love truly is........…


1. Myra

Love....What is love? Why do we love? What does it feel like? How does it happen? What type of substance is it? These were the questions I would ask myself. These were the questions that made me realize that I didn't know everything. I would research all books in my study and website on the Internet. None had the answer I was looking for. None had an actual scientific answer I was looking for.

I've read every book I could find at least 5 times but none had the answer. My mother then called me an idiot for even thinking about such things. I then ignored her idiotic comment and had continued my research until I started to think about my father and the kindness he showed me during his lifetime. I then felt myself side tracking and began to pickup a book. I then got up to sit in my reading chair when suddenly I heard a knock on my door. I decided to ignore it and continued towards my chair when my for then began to open. My mother's makeup covered face was peeking through. She then said "Me and Jake are going out tonight". I then waved my hand to dismiss it and she had left. I heard the door close behind her when suddenly I remembered what she said her and Jake… they're going out for the sixth night in a row. Which probably won't be back until day. Jake… How I despise him.

He always have disliked me. Then my mother never did care. As long as she is happy she doesn't care for anything. The ignorance is too much. I felt myself get so angry and worked up until my brain couldn't function and suddenly my father picture popped into my mind and my heart felt numb until gradually I had passed out. I then woke up and found my father in a chair in front of me. "Dad......" I called. He responded "Good morning Myra.". I then felt myself begin to smile and hugged him tightly. I then went into the kitchen and received my orange juice from my mother. She gave me a fake smile with cold eyes. I didn't care because I was too happy every morning. I then heard some call my name so many times. I suddenly woke up with a strange boy who looked about my age very close to my face who looked very familiar but couldn't come to mind. I then felt tears streaming down my face. But who was this boy?

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