What Is Love?

A beautiful girl named Myra never understood love and caring completely. Some would call her heartless and cold. She never was always like this. At age 9 her father had died in a horrible car accident. Which caused her to break. Myra never smiled again. She now questions everything ad could have a completely scientific answer. But when questioned about love she knew nothing. This is her adventure in finding out what love truly is........…


2. Jakob

Like every morning I found myself waking up from a dream of a memory from when my mom was still alive. I then opened my eyes to see what time it was. And I woke up late again. Look at me a 16 year old who can't even get up before 1 o'clock. My calendar said it was still June so I flopped back onto my bed and tried to remember what the memory was. It was of Myra… She came over and my mom helped us make cupcakes he'd her birthday. Her dad said he would be over after picking up her present. She was so happy that day. But her dad never came. I then remember that that was the evening her father had died. The hospital had called and after that she was never the same. A week later she had moved. After remembering this I had reached out for the necklace on my bedside table. I remembered that I gave her the matching one from our beach trip I have a black shark tooth necklace and she has a deep purple one. I decided to get up and make myself a meal of breakfast/lunch. While walking into the kitchen I picked up the daily note saying that mother won't be home until tomorrow. Just to read it and it said she won't be home for a whole week. I threw away the note and grabbed the money. 

I then looked at the plant that Myra gave my dad while he was sick. Little did I know that the night she gave him that he had died. I was 7 when this happened. After eating an omelet sandwich I had decided to take a walk to clear my head. I picked up my phone from my dresser and left the house. I stopped by the market for some groceries. When I was done during my walk I passed a beautifully built Victorian. While staring in amazement I heard a scream coming from inside the house I quickly ran to the house to help and noticed it was unlocked. As I walked in I traced the scream to a library room and saw a beautiful girl who looked almost my age but as I got closer I quickly learned it was Myra.

In moments I found myself calling 911 and reporting what happened. I rode with her in the ER by lying and saying I was her brother. They seemed to believe me. After getting to the hospital they told me that she was probably under a lot of stress and collapsed. I was suddenly relieved and called my cousin to come pick us up. The doctor said she would wake up in a couple of hours and that she is allowed to go home. After half an hour of arguing my cousin finally got us safely to her home. 

When I bought her in she was still unconscious. I laid her down on the couch so that she could rest. I got up to get me something to drink after noticing how thirsty and exhausted I was. Then sat in a stole in front of the couch until I finally heard her awake. I was so happy that I couldn't help from smiling then she began to cry.

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