What Is Love?

A beautiful girl named Myra never understood love and caring completely. Some would call her heartless and cold. She never was always like this. At age 9 her father had died in a horrible car accident. Which caused her to break. Myra never smiled again. She now questions everything ad could have a completely scientific answer. But when questioned about love she knew nothing. This is her adventure in finding out what love truly is........…


6. Happy Birthday

He then sat down next to me with a bag in his hand. He then handed it to me. "Didn't really know what you like.…" thats when I stopped listening. I then leaned forward and hugged him. I whispered "Thank you!" He then hugged me back. I then let go to open the bag and found a necklace. It had a heart that spiraled down with a gem in the center. I then let a tear drop. He picked it up from my hand and had placed the necklace on my neck.  

 Afterwards I went home knowing that reality would hit harder than any rock could tomorrow morning. My week would be over and my happiness would have evaporated quicker than water. Thinking about this made me become infuriated. I flopped on my bed and picked up the bag that Jakob gave me. I picked up the card and began to cry. I cried in my pillow in rage and loneliness. I then heard my phone rang I sat up and answered it I said hello in to the phone. Jakob answered why are you crying. "How did you…" I started. "Look out the window". There I saw Jakob sitting on a branch in front of my window. Unable to answer I stood there. He then open the window door. He came in and sat beside me. Unable to hold myself down without collapsing I fell so that my head was on his chest as he hugged me tight. It made me feel safe in this scent. Ever since then when I smelled this smell I new he was close or near this to me was safety. He then squeezed me a little tight and whispered happy birthday in my ear for once I smiled as he said this. I was able to feel his heart beating the pace wasn't too quick nor was it slow. He felt warm and safe. I fell asleep after a while a dreamt about him it was the best dream I've had in years.

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