Still The One

"Alex! Hey, I haven't seen you in forever!" Liam shouts as he runs towards me and engulfs my in a hug. "Hey, who's kid is this?" He questions. I hesitate for a second, debating on if I should tell him but finally deciding that he needs to know, "Yours." I say quietly looking down at the ground. "But it doesn't matter because you're with Danielle. I shouldn't have came." I reply shaking my head and turning around.


2. Chapter Two

*A week Later*

I watch him put his last bag into the car and then walk over to me. He makes his way over to me and kisses me, "I don't want to leave you." He mumbles, putting his forehead on mine, his large hands on my waist.

I hold back the tears and smile at him, "I don't want you to leave either but this is your dream, you're going to make it this time. You'll do great Liam!"

He smiles back at me but then it fades, "Does this mean that we won't be dating anymore?"

I look down at the ground then back up to him with a tear sliding down my face, "Yes." I whisper.

Tears slide down his face, he takes a deep breath and says, "I knew this would happen."

I look into his beautiful brown orbs, "I love you though Liam. Don't forget about me and have fun."

"I love you too." He engulfs me into a giant hug and that's when I break, tears make their way down my cheeks. We pull away and he whips away my tears, "I have to go." he whispers but doesn't move.

"Then go. I'll make sure to watch every episode." I say forcing a weak smile on my face.

He kisses me before he hops into the car and it drives away. I watch it drive down the street, Liam sticks his head out and waves, blowing me a kiss before the car turns the corner.

*Another Week Later*

"Okay here are some questions.." My friend Jessica begins. I take a deep breath. "Answer them truthfully..."

"Damn Jessica! Just get on with the questions!" I say becoming annoyed.

"Mood swings, check." She says then adds, "Do you have cravings, eat a lot?"

"Yes." I simply reply.

"Boobs bigger?" She asks.

"I can't tell! You tell me?" I respond. She pulls her phone out of her face.

"Yes, I think." She says before asking another question, "Do you get tired just by walking up a flight of stairs?"

"Yup." I say popping the 'p'

"Back pain? Head aches?"

"Yes." I say as I rub my back a little.


"Yes, like right now."

"Do you fit into your clothes?"

"I've been having to wear sweat pants."

"How fast do you fall asleep at night?"

"I thought after Liam left that it would be difficult but I've been falling asleep pretty fast, two or three minutes is all it takes me."

"I'll be right back." She says before running out of my house. My mom is at work right now which is good.


"I'm back!" Jessica sings as she swings open the door. She is holding a brown back. "Take these tests please."

I do as she says and walk into the bathroom, I take the four test she gave me and wait. After me and Jessica waiting around in the bathroom we finally get the results.





"Fuck!" I scream and slump down to the floor. "I'm not ready." I whisper.

Jessica sits next to me, "Who is it?"

I look over at her and tears form in my eyes, "Liam's."

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