Still The One

"Alex! Hey, I haven't seen you in forever!" Liam shouts as he runs towards me and engulfs my in a hug. "Hey, who's kid is this?" He questions. I hesitate for a second, debating on if I should tell him but finally deciding that he needs to know, "Yours." I say quietly looking down at the ground. "But it doesn't matter because you're with Danielle. I shouldn't have came." I reply shaking my head and turning around.


4. Chapter four

I woke up in a bed, didn't I fall asleep on the couch? I sit up and look around the room, it's Liam's room. Wondering where Abbie is I force myself to crawl out of the bed and make my way out of the room.

I end up walking into each room in Liam's place, no able to find him or my daughter. The last place I look is the kitchen only to find a note on the counter

Left to get Abbie some toys, told her I'll play barbies with her when we get back. Also so she could get some cool clothes and some food, Niall ate all my food. I'll bring you back some Nandos. Take a shower, wear any of my clothes, relax.


I'm actually glad, he is spending time with his daughter. He really doesn't need to buy her any toys or clothes but whatever. I walk around looking for my phone, once I find it I call Liam just to make sure everything is okay.


"Is everything going okay?"

"Yes, Alex I thought I told you to relax on the note. Don't worry too much about us!"

"Do you really care for Abbie or are you just doing this cause you have too?"

"Alex, I really care about her and I care about you. This is our daughter, I do want to be part of her life now."

"This is going to confuse her Liam." I almost whisper.


"When I leave your flat later, she will wonder why we didn't stay. When she see pictures of you and Danielle, she will wonder who that girl is..."

There was a long pause at first I thought he hung up until I heard his voice, "Why will you leave later?"

"I'm sure you'll want to see your girlfriend. Do stuff with her, in bed, if you know what I mean." I laugh for a second but then get serious, "But anyways, I shouldn't have came and stayed last night. If Danielle found out then your relationship could be at risk..."

"Me and Danielle haven't been doing so well. Our relationship is actually at risk and I've been sad but when I seen you I forgot about all of that, I was so happy to see you. I've missed you Alex and-" He paused for a second before saying, "Abbie don't touch that."

Then I hear her small voice, "Mommy like this right?"

"No no no! Put that ba-" His words get cut off by a shattering noise. "Oh god." I hear him mumble.

I can't help but laugh, "Did she just break something?"

"Yes. Alex, I have to go." Then the line goes dead.

[Liam's POV]

Abbie bends down to pick up a piece but I quickly hang up the phone and sweep her off her feet, into my arms. "Don't touch that." I say fast to her, almost having a heart attack. Then a girl from the store walks over to us with an unpleasant look on her face, "Oh don't worry, I can pay for that." I hand over some cash.

"Thank you." She simply responds before walking away.

"We buy mommy something?" Abbie asks.

"Not here. Were gonna get her a necklace." I reply with a smile, imagining Alex's reaction when we come back with, toys and clothes for Abbie, Nandos and a necklace for her.


I open the door, carrying tons of bags with Abbie right by my side. I hear a giggle and I look up to see Alex, "Do you need help?" She asks walking up to me.

"Nope." I reply with a smile as I walk into the living room, Abbie following me. I drop the bags on the floor and hand Alex the Nandos.

"Thanks." She says quietly.

"Daddy! Let's play!" Abbie says and she reaches up to grab my hand. I sit down on the floor and take out the barbies that we bought and the cars that they fit in and start to play with her while Alex eats.

After a couple minutes I hear a knock at the door. "I can get that." Alex says standing up. She is wearing one of my shirt, which is long and big on her and my boxers.

"Okay." I reply as I watch her walk away to the door.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!? WEARING MY BOYFRIENDS CLOTHES IN HIS HOUSE!" I hear a familiar voice shriek. My head drops staring at the floor as I hear foot steps walking closer, "LIAM WHAT THE HELL?!" Danielle shouts.

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