They only know me because of her... ( 1D Fan Fic )

Have you heard of Dani Edwards? Of course you havent, but i know you have heard of my sister, Perrie Edwards. The girl dating One Diresction's Zayn Malik and is in the world famous girl band Little Mix. Well im only famous becuase of her and im tired of it!!! People dont know me for me.. They have no idea what im about bu you are about to find out.



                                                           Dani's P.O.V.

What am i supposed to tell them?!



I was walking home from my friend  Crystals house and i decided to take an alley way because it was a short cut. As i was walking i heard foot steps. I started walking faster and so did the foot steps. I started running and yet again.. so did the footsteps. They figure wrapped their hands around my waist and threw me to the alley floor. They jumped on top of me to make sure i didnt run away. They took out a knife and cut each wrist 4 times. I screamed in agony but nobody could hear me beause i was no where to the biggining or ending of the alley.

"I know where you live so every night at 7:30 pm meet me at the shed behind your house and if you dont show up that precious sister of yours will pay for your mistakes.


*End of Flashback*

But that was four months ago.. And i still suffer the pain. I was snapped out of my daydream with Perrie shaking me.

"We asked you a question..." she said being srious.

"i fell down the stairs multiple times" i lied hoping they would believe me.

"Dani Chrysamthemum Edwards if you dont tell me the truth right now we will heave some major problems" yelled Perrie using my middle  name which she knew i despised so much.I told them the story from the start to know. By the end of the story they were all in tears but more tears of anger.

"DANI WHY WOULDNT YOU TELL US, THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!!!" yelled Harry, Perrie and El at the time which caused me to get angry.

"Because if i told you i would have put you all in danger and i couldnt live with my self if you guys ever got hurt because of me!!!!!!!" I yelled which caused the all to flinch because they have never seen me yell like NEVER.

"well thank you but we have security, YOU dont" said Harry sternly.

"Well im sorry for caring about you guys next time i wont give a flipping pickle if you guys are put in harms way" i said directly to Harry which caused him to flinch. I stormed of to m favorite place in the whole mall... The food court. I went to starbucks and bought a strawberry smoothie and sat down at a table in the far corner. Then no less than five minutes later came in the 'herd' and they ran over to me with Liam in the front.

"Look Dani im so sorry we were so rude to you!! We will work this out and make sure you an us are ok,deal?" said Liam with a weak smile on his face. i looked at all of them but my eyes stayed on Perrie El and HARRY the most. I checked my watch and saw there were only 5 minutes until 7:30 and we were here sitting in starbucks wondering about if we have a deal or not.


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