They only know me because of her... ( 1D Fan Fic )

Have you heard of Dani Edwards? Of course you havent, but i know you have heard of my sister, Perrie Edwards. The girl dating One Diresction's Zayn Malik and is in the world famous girl band Little Mix. Well im only famous becuase of her and im tired of it!!! People dont know me for me.. They have no idea what im about bu you are about to find out.


2. What do you mean?!?!?!?

                                                                        Dani's P.O.V.

I stopped to get a new out fit since i lost the fans. But once i bought the oufit and put it on the screaming started again. I began running but this time tne crowd was to fast they surrounded me amd i was now surrounded by screaming fans that werent even really there for me. i felt a pain in my head and when i touched it and brought my hand back to my face there was blood on it. There were people calling my name i just couldnt make out the voice through all the noise.


                                                                      Hrry's P.O.V,

 We ran as fast as we could to the screaming mob. Once we reached there we were all screaming her name but none us got a response. I was getting really worried. I crouched down and yelled her name, still no response. i stuck my hand in and actually got a grip on the other side. i felt an electic shock go through my whole body. I tried pulling her threw but i wasnt strong enough.

"Guys come and help me!!! Dani grabbed my hand" i yelled and they all ran to my assistance especially Perrie and El. We all pulled and pulled and out came Dani with a big gash on her forehead and cuts and scratches everywhere. She fell onto my lap coughing. She crawled into my lap and wrapped her hands aroung my neck. I stood up with her in my hands in all but she hopped off and fell back to the ground.

"Dani are you ok?!?!?!" asked Perrie and El at the same time,

"Um.. yeah im fine" she said while slightly coughing,

"Why would you do that for us, Dani we could have handled ourselves" asked Liam with a sad tone.

"You guys are way more important than i am and i know you guys are alot slower than me you would have been eaten alive and any way you would have been in the newspaper for miles away beacause of these girls" she said with a weak smile.

"Dani you have a huge cut on your forehead" i said while walking back up to her. She had dirt on her face along with scratches and a ginormous cut with blood slightly flowing out of it.

"Eh, im fine happens all the ti-" she cut herself off and stood up as quick as she could being dizzy.

"Well bye guys thanks for the help see you later" she said whle walking down the corridor hastily. We all looked at each other confused and angrily,

"Dani what are you talking about?!?!?!" we all yelled but Perrie, El and I yelled louder than the others. We ran up to her and grapped her wrist which made her wince but turn around and look t us with tears in her eyes. We all looked at her intenly to see cuts and smll bruises. We looked at eachother mortified beause we could tell none of us have ever seen these before.

"Dani you better tell me what these are all about" said Perrie while grabbing her wrist tightly  and putting emphesis on the word these.



Hey should i continue this fanfiction comment yes or no and why



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