They only know me because of her... ( 1D Fan Fic )

Have you heard of Dani Edwards? Of course you havent, but i know you have heard of my sister, Perrie Edwards. The girl dating One Diresction's Zayn Malik and is in the world famous girl band Little Mix. Well im only famous becuase of her and im tired of it!!! People dont know me for me.. They have no idea what im about bu you are about to find out.


10. The Girls and Almost Killed....

                                                          Dani's P.O.V.

"....That..." I said pointing to a black van.

"Dani, love its just a van " said Liam

"To you  guys its a van but I know better" I said while walking towards it. I took a bobby pin from out of my hair and put in the lock and it fell to the floor. I opened the doors and there, there were two girls around my age looking terrified.

"Hey girlies, listen im here to help you" I said with a nice smile.

"How do we know that??" asked one of them sounding scared with her choice of words. I laughed and showed them my wrist which had scars with the word hope written on it and to my advantage so did they.

"Do u believe me know?" I asked with a slight smile.

"OHMYGOSHBUTYOURDANIEDWARDS" said the other one sounding barely uncomprehend able.

"It could happen to anybody" I said smiling. I looked out and mouthed to the guys to give us a second. they  nodded so I hopped in the van.

"so do you guys have a home?" I asked. they looked at  like they didn't know what to day.

"He took you  from the orphanage didn't he?" I asked looking down. They nodded.

"You can stay with me and my sister and then your gonna tell us information about you guys ok?" I stated

"OKTHANKYOUSOSOSOSOSOMUCH!!!!!!!!!" said one of them. So we got out of the van and started walking to the others but when we got there they had terrified looks on their faces. But before I could turn around I was grabbed by somebody and a knife was held by my throat.

"don't move or you WILL pay along with the other two brats" said.... Dean!!!

"What do you want!!!" I asked coughing to due the lack of air. I could see the tears brimming in the others eyes.

"YOU... and only YOU and if I cant get you nobody can!!!!" he yelled in my ear making tears come out of my eyes.

"Dean.." I said

"What?!?" he yelled.

"You should have checked twice before you mess with someone" I said

"Wha-" He started. But I kicked him in the shin and bit his arm so he would drop the knife and fall. Niall came and dragged Dean away. I went to go and help the two girls. I kicked on of them in the face and flipped the other one. But I got punched on the knee which made my knee hurt extremely.

We all got to our cars and got in but I got in the back because I couldn't feel my leg. Harry was sitting next to me so I grabbed onto his hand and squeezed with all my might. I could see his hand turning bright red.

"HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.


                                                                       Harry's P.O.V.

 "HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dani screamed. It pained me so much t o hear her scream in pain. I could feel her pain. We drove to the hospital and they entered her into the E.R. I  sat in a waiting room chair with my head in my hands.

"Party for Mrs. Edwards??" Said a doctor coming out of the room Dani was entered into. We all shot up.

"We are" we all said in unison.

"Ok so she had her left knee pulled out of socket but we easily popped it back in so she is going to be fine we just put her on some pain killers so she will be just fine." said the doctor looking back up from his clipboard with a slight side smile.

"Can we see her" I asked quite fast.

"Of course you can young man" he said quite perkily. I mumbled a quick thank you and ran into her room. She was there messing with the remote for the t.v. I smiled to my self and continued to walk into the room.

"Hey soldier" I said with  laugh.

"Hey babe" She said which caused me to blush slightly.

"I'm gonna take a little nap cuz we have to take the girls to me and Perrie's place and Aqua-Marine is coming so we have to clean up" She told me with a yawn and smile. I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek but before I could leave the room she grabbed me by the collar of my shirt.

"No, im not ur mom I don't get a kiss on the forehead on I get a kiss on the cheek" she said with a wink while pointing to her cheek which caused me to smile. I bent down and kissed her cheek so slowly. When I came back up I was blushing and she threw a playful wink. When I got back out I saw the rest of them looking through the peep whole of the other door.

"Having fun there guys." I said with a smirk.

"You go Haz u kissed her on the cheek!!! Next step a kiss on the l-" started zany Put got stopped by Perrie elbowing him and walking up to me with a death glare.

"Listen Styles you are a very good friend of mine but I told you to stay away from my sister so if you don't there will be a consequence" Said Perrie with a serious face. I just nodded. They all left besides me because I volunteered to stay with Dani over the night so she wouldn't wake up alone. I slept on the other side of her bed and wrapped her in my arms just so she would feel safe. I slowly dosed off because I couldn't stop thinking about one thing... Dani

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