They only know me because of her... ( 1D Fan Fic )

Have you heard of Dani Edwards? Of course you havent, but i know you have heard of my sister, Perrie Edwards. The girl dating One Diresction's Zayn Malik and is in the world famous girl band Little Mix. Well im only famous becuase of her and im tired of it!!! People dont know me for me.. They have no idea what im about bu you are about to find out.


11. me? you like me?

                                                 Dani's P.O.V.


I opened my eyes to bright lights, i was in the hospital. I tried to sit up but got weighed down by something.... an arm. i looked to my side and saw Harry sleeping. I wanted to push him off but... i felt safe in his arms. I felt my cheeks flush.

"Gooooood morning" i said as i saw harry's eyes started to flutter.


"Mornin'" he said half awake. he flashed me a cheek smile,


I turned the other way before he could see my rosy cheeks,


"Ya know, i tried to get up but SOMEONE was making that quite hard" i sassed with a wink.


"Oh... sorry love. I was erm..." he started stuttering and i couldn't help but laugh at him. he looked down and started fiddling with his fingers.


i lifted his chin with my finger "Hey Haz, i was just joking. its okay, i actually kinda liked it..." i whispered.


"wait.. what? you liked it?!" yelled harry.


"y-yes" i murmered looking down.


"Dani, i have been waiting a long time to tell you this.... i like you a lot and i was.. ya know  wondering if you would go out with me?" he questioned with hope in  his eyes.


"oh my harry yes! i would love do go out with you!" i exclaimed while giving him a tight hug.

I let go and we looked at each other for what seemed like forever. He looked down at my lips and bit his. He leaned in and i filled the gap. It felt like something out of a movie. Until i got ripped away.


"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" shouted none other then.... Perrie.


                                             Harry's P.O.V.


It was magical. Best feeling i have ever felt. until we got ripped apart.


"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" yelled Perrie.. i knew something bad was gonna happen.


"Um... if you cant see Pez, it was a kiss. Ya know when two pairs of lips touch..." sassed Dani putting her hand on her waist.


"Ohh i didn't knoooow." stated Perrie in the same manner.


"oh, well glad to inform you" exclaimed Dani with  smile while pulling on her skinny jeans.


"why were you kissing HIM???" yelled Perrie right in front of Dani.


"Because he's my new boyfriend! supriseee" smiled Dani. 


I felt my body start to shift. Perrie turned to me with eyes of steel and walked my way,




"Y-you told him not to ask me out?" stated Dani with her lip quivering and tears coming out her eyes.


"Babe, it was for your own goo-" started Perrie trying to explain.


"I'ts MY life Perrie! You can;t make my decisions. Don't talk to me... EVER" yelled Dani dashing out of the hospital room and down the corridor leaving everyone, even  Perrie in shock.


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