They only know me because of her... ( 1D Fan Fic )

Have you heard of Dani Edwards? Of course you havent, but i know you have heard of my sister, Perrie Edwards. The girl dating One Diresction's Zayn Malik and is in the world famous girl band Little Mix. Well im only famous becuase of her and im tired of it!!! People dont know me for me.. They have no idea what im about bu you are about to find out.


7. Dont take her!!!

                                                                    Dani's P.O.V.

"...Deal..." i said and got up from my seat and walked out of the resturant whith them following behind me.

"Where are you going?" said Perrie

"I am going to stand up to Dean once and for all..." I said not caring that i revealed who it was.

"WHAT IT WAS DEAN....YOUR EX WHO HAS BEEN DOING THIS!!!!" said El sounding astounded


'Yup" i said popping the 'p'. I got in my car and rolled down the window as they all crowded around it.

"Perrie,Harry,El and Lou you guys are coming in my car and Liam,Zayn,Niall you guys go in liams car and we will meet you at me and Perrie's house ok?" i asked and they all nodded going to their car destination. I speeded to the house to find Dean's van in front of my house. We all hopped out of the cars and walked up to the front of the house tip toeing.

"You guys stay right here hidden behind the bushes until i come and get you, no matter what you hear do not i will say it again do not come to help i will be ok" i stated firmly to them.

"Dani we cant just let yo-" started Louis but i cut him off.

"Lou, I will be fine i have gone through it before" i stated while giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I hugged all the boys and gave them a kiss on the cheek but when it came to harry he started blushing which caused me to blush. I have had a major crush on him but he would never have a crush on me. when it came to El and Perrie they were in tears.

"Guys i will be ok i promise i will come out perfectly fine"  i stated to comfort them but the truth was i didnt know what would happen. I walked away and looked back at them with a small smile which they unwillingly returned. I walked arond back of the hpuse and there he was, the devil in my life.

"Well,well,well you didnt come on time which means you will pay even more tonight." said Dean with a evil smirk on his face and his hands behind his back.

"No" i stated loud and clear.

"Excuse me" said Dean clearly shocked that i stood up to him.

"You heard me, i said NO" i said using the sass skill Lou taught me.

"oh no i hard what you said im just surprised you said it to me know, and after all the pain i have caused you" he said slyly.

"Well its better than never dont you think?" i sassed letting the anger and attidude get the best of me.

"Your gonna pay for that mouth of yours missy." he said and with that he took a knife and bat out from behind his back. He lunged at me with the knife but missed. He was able to hit me hard in the stomach with the bat which caused me to fal to the ground.

"Ahhhh!!!!!" i screamed in agony.


                                                                      Perrie's P.O.V.


"Ahhhh!!!!" we heard Dani scream. i could fell her pain. We all heard what they were saying and were caught by surprise how her attidude could be so harsh.

"I taught her well" said Louis while crossig his arms over his chest. We started laughing but shopped because we knew what was happening. I got up off the floor. I couldnt stand hearing my sister in pain anymore.

"What are you doing Perrie?" said Zayn with a scarred tone of voice.

"Helping my sister you can come or you dont have to either way i am" i exclaimed and got up and walked towards the back and they were all following me. When we got to the back i was terrified with what i was seeing... Dean on top Dani with a knife in hand!!

"DANI!!!!" we all screamed which caused Dean and Dani to snap their heads in our direction. Dean got off her and headed our direction,

"So i see the gang came to save the day?" he stated.

"Yes we did" i said with him still yards away.

"well that was a bad idea" he said while pulling out a knife and coming our way. We all stood there mortified but looked to the floor seeing something move. Dani was trying to get up and she did.

"Leave..them..alone" she stated inbetween coughs which caused Dean and the rest of us to look at her.

"And who is gonna stop me" said Dean turning back to her.

"I am" she stated standing up taller.

"Well i dont have to much competition do i then?" he stated while running towards her. She did a split and went inbetween his legs which caught us all by surprise. He ran back towards her to get kneed in the stomach and elbowed in the back which caused him to fall to the floor.

"Oh come on!!Where are my heels when i need them for dramatic effect" she stated while walking our way. But Dean got up and went for her with a knife.

"Dani watch out!!!" We yelled and she turned around to get stabbed in the leg with the knife and fall to the floor.

"UGH" yelled Dani. But she got back up and kicked him in the place where sun dntshine and he fell to the floor and wasnt getting up. We all ran to her and embraced her in a big hug.

"Dani are you ok your bleeding" asked Harry with tears brimming his eyes.

"Nothing a little gauze and make up cant fix." she stated with a smile.

"Come on lets go!!!!" She yelled over her shoulder. We all laughed and followed. Dani stopped which caused all of use to stop.

"Dani whats wrong?" exclaimed Liam.

"That" said Dani while pointing to a black car.


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