Dreams can come true

Who knew the rain could bring two people together!


2. Rainy day

I'm going shopping with my best friend today, I can't wait! I have not seen her in like 2 weeks. I live in Scotland so it's a surprise that the sun is out. I got in the shower and washed my hair etc. then when I came out I dried it a straitened it. I stuck on a pair of white denim shorts and a TMH tour top with a zip up hoodie. To finish off the look I put on some white plimsoles and then grabbed my Raybans on the way out along with my phone,headphones and purse.
I am a huge fan of One direction and I'm a proud directioner haha.
I got to the bus stop 10 minutes early so I put on my music and Truly, Madly, deeply came on.
When I was singing to myself my friend jumped up from behind me and gave me a fright I just screamed leaving randomers looking at me like I was mad. I will get her back. She was really good with time so just as she came the bus was in sight. We always sit at the back of the bus on the top deck so we can put our feet up. 
After about a 20 minute bus journey we finally arrived in George street. The sun was still out and it was quite warm so I was glad I wore shorts. 
We went into Primark, New look, Topshop (which was eventful as we are both directioners and we seen the clothes that Niall and Harry (her crush) wore and we were fangirling in the middle of the shop) we also went into jack wills and holister etc.
For lunch we decided to go to Nandos, it took a lot of persuading as my friend isn't really a fan (weird I know it's like heaven in nandos). Just as we were about to leave Nandos the rain came on and it started to thunder, I mean how the hell can it go from sunny and warm to stormy and cold within 5 minutes . 
We decided that we would jump in a taxi (cab) as we didn't want to trek to the bus stop in the rain.
As we got in the taxi we realised 2 other people were already in the taxi so we just said sorry and got out but then one of the guys said 

"Come in look at the weather it's pissing down and you must be freezing" he said referring to me

"No honestly it's fine we will just wait" I said

"Come in or else we will feel bad" the other guy said

"Ok fine" I sighed

So me and tasha got in and I sat opposite Tasha and next to the blonde guy( the first guy to speak) whereas tasha sat next to the brunette. They were both wearing sunglasses and one of them had curls and the blonde one was wearing a SnapBack. I thought he looked identical to Niall Horan and how he was with a curly head it really puzzled me so I text tasha telling her.
She agreed but we remembered that louis tomlinson tweeted this morning saying they were recording in London, so we thought nothing of it and continued texting each other our fav pics of Niall and Harry. After about 5 minutes and 100 pics the blonde one said

"So your a fan are you?" he lowered his glasses slightly as well 

"Maybe" I replied in shock

He just smirked but then tasha said

"Liar you are a huge fan even look at her top, necklace and screensaver" while laughing

" shut up tasha" I said as my face went tomato red

"Let's see" the guy who is in fact the niall horan said

So I reluctantly showed him my top and necklace and he looked at my screensaver 

"Sorry if that's embarrassing for you guys" I said while glaring at tasha

"I think it's pretty cute" Niall said while giving me a cuddle but the thing is he kept his arm round my shoulder inside I was secretly screaming my head off but on the outside I was just blushing like mad

Then Harry whispered something to tasha and they both then made a love heart shape with their hand and put it so our faces were in it. 

"Guys are you really that immature?" niall said through a blush 

"It's just the truth, I can tell when you like a girl" harry mocked

"Why can I never keep stuff private and yes I like her what's not to like" he said proudly for some reason

By this point I was blushing really badly and to make things worse he tightened his grip around me. tasha just sat there laughing with Harry at my situation (blushing) 

"I don't think she likes you mate" harry said

"Is that the case?" Niall said curiously to me

" no I really like you" I said back nervously

"That's good cause I really like you see Harry your wrong" 

"Why are you guys soooo soppy" tasha whined

"That's what a relationship is ya dope" I said to her

"Aww you call people dopes too" niall said kind of excitedly

"Yup it's kind of funny"I said back

"Yuck" tasha said

"I agree with you..." Chipped in harry whilst looking at tasha realising he didn't know her name

"tasha" she relied 

"I don't know your name either yet "niall said coming to the realisation 

"It's courtney and of course you are Niall" 

"Cute name for a cute girl" 

"I'm not cute"

"Yes you are" 

I just glared at him as tasha and harry made faces at us 

We had already arrived at my house so I hand Niall money to pay the driver but of course Niall being Niall refused to accept and after about a 10 minute argument I gave in but he handed me his phone and said type your number in so we traded numbers and me and tasha made our way into my house


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