this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


16. Zayn Malik imagine for Ryen

(Plot:horseback riding!)


"C'mon Zayn! It's not that hard!" You say,climbing up onto the saddle. You pet the side of your horse's face,and whisper,"Hey Pegasus,Lets go easy on Zayn and Dash,it's Zayn's first ride. Plus,Dash is pretty old." You look up to see Zayn,finally in the saddle. You get Pegasus to gallop over,slowly. "By the way,your horse is named Dash." You say to Zayn. He nods,and you began up a trail. "This is one of my favorite trails,it leads to a beautiful view." You say,looking back at Zayn. 

After a few moments,you look back to make sure Zayn is okay. He gives you a quick thumbs up and you smile. A few more twists and turns later,you're on a small hill. Dash walks up next to Pegasus,and Zayn grabs one of your hands. "Ryen,you know I love you and I'd do anything for you,but I don't think HorseBack riding is something I'd do again. The saddle is uncomfortable...and it's hurting my butt." He says,an you laugh. "It's because you're new. But just look at the view and enjoy it before we go back. Isn't it beautiful?" You say,and Zayn whispers,"Its beautiful,but not as beautiful as you." You turn to him,smiling. "I love you Zayn." He smiles back at you,"I love you too Ryen. Now can we please go back? My butt hurts like really bad." You laugh and nod,this time though,Dash and Zayn stay next to you down the trail,instead of behind. 



Sorry Ryen! I know it's not very good:( I can fix it if you want,but I don't know much about HorseBack riding!

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