this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


5. Zayn Malik imagine for Fatma

You were in the kitchen,making brownies. You had the mix ready,and was about to put it in the pan. When you grabbed the pan,you felt arms around your waist. "Hey Babe." You said,tilting your head back slightly,kissing Zayn. "Making brownies,I see." He says,resting his head on your shoulder. You dipped a finger into the mix, smearing it on Zayns nose. He gasped dramatically and stuck his finger in the mix,smearing it across your forehead. You stuck your entire hand into the gooey brownie mix,flinging it at Zayn. He takes the bowl,dumping it over your head. "Zayn!" You squeal,and tackle him to the ground. You wipe your hands over your face,then all over his. "Come here Fatma." He says,kissing you. "I'm getting a shower,you're cleaning the kitchen." You say,smiling.


if you don't like it,let me know!

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