this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


34. niall imagine for kimberly

"c'mon, babe. almost there," niall said, guiding you to the destination for your next date. niall made you close your eyes, wanting it to be a surprise. after a few minutes of walking, niall let go of your hand. then he told you to open your eyes. when you did, niall was sitting on a blanket spread out across the grass. music was playing softly from nialls phone and he had a tub of ice cream in front of him, along with two spoons. "i know it's not that fancy, but i was hoping you'd join me for some ice cream. what do you say,babe?" he asked, a small smile on his face as he held out a spoon. 

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