this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


29. Niall Horan imagine for Sydney

You're bestfriends with Perrie Edwards,who happens to be Zayn Malik's girlfriend. You've never met the boys,but you've also met Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend Eleanor Calder. You,Perrie,And El were backstage at a talk show/interview. The girls wanted you to be at the interview with them,since you've been in many pictures with them,and were becoming recognized by the public.  They've told you many times that you'd be cute with Niall,and that always made your heart flutter,since Niall is your favorite member of One Direction,and you have a HUGE crush on him. You walked onstage with the girls,and everyone in the audience cheered. Almost everyone knew who you were,you've been in many magazines with the girls and have been mentioned in interviews by them before. "Tonight,we'll be interviewing Zayn Malik's girlfriend Perrie Edwards from the band Little Mix and Eleanor Calder,a model,who's dating Louis Tomlinson,another member of One Direction. They've brought along their close friend Sydney,who's starting becoming very popular because of them." A man said,smiling. He asked many questions to all three of you,then started to focus on just you. "El and Perrie,In recent interviews,you've mentioned that Sydney has a crush on Niall from One Direction. Sydney,is that true?" The man,who's name is James,asks. You blush as you answer,"Yeah." James smiles. "The girls think you'd be a great couple with him,at least that's what Perrie said last week." He says. You shoot the girls a look,and they're giggling. You roll your eyes playfully at them. "Can we continue?" You ask,giggling slightly at the faces El's making at you. "Before we do,I'd like you to see something. In the front row." James says,and a spotlight moves slowly,and lands right on none other than Niall James Horan. You feel your face turn pink. Zayn and Louis run up on stage,engulfing their girlfriends in hugs. El and Perrie knew. You were so getting back at them. "Syd,Niall is taking you on a date tonight." Perrie says before kissing Zayn. Niall walks up,the crowd going crazy. He stands next to you,and whispers,"Lets have that date now. I can't wait till tonight." You nod,unable to speak. *After interview* Niall talked,small talk,and quietly. He seemed just as shy as you were. He lead you to a car,and opened a door for you. He drove,as you talked. He asked questions about you,and you answered. It was quite comfortable. *after date* "I'd like to see you again,Syd." Niall says with a smile. He hands you a piece of paper,then walks away. You look down to see a number,and the words 'Text me' with a heart. 

(Sorry Sydney! I don't know if you think it's sucky or not but I'm sorry and I hope you enjoy it. xx)
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