this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


13. Niall Horan imagine for Holly

(Guys! If you give me a Plot for your imagine,you'll get a longer imagine! I don't have many ideas to keep making them up,but I'll try! Plot:Close friends in elementary school/before Niall is famous. He comes back to his hometown and sees you again.)


*Flashback~ Niall was 10,and so were you. He loved singing. He always said he was going to audition for the X-Factor. He always talked about it when you two were together,and that was a lot. You did basically everything together. You knew he was a great singer,and he'd be famous some day. The sad thing is,you haven't talked since he left for the X-Factor audition,your mother wouldn't let you go. Now,you're scared he forgot who you were/are ~End of Flashback*

Your Mum came home,and looked pretty excited. "Holly,guess what!" She shouted,setting the groceries down on the table. "Huh?" You asked,not looking up from your phone. "Your friend,Niall,is coming home for a few days!" She says,and your eyes shoot up from your phone. "When?!" You shout,and she smiles. "Tomorrow night!". "Tomorrow night?! That's not a lot of time!" You say,standing up. "Don't worry Holly,Maura already has some stuff set up. She said if you'd like you can come over and help. So you can go." Your Mum said,and you shoved your phone in your pocket and ran to your car. You drove the short way to Nialls Mums house. When you got there,you and Maura spent a few hours setting the house up and hanging a 'We missed you!' sign. 

By the next night,you were wearing a beautiul dress and flats,and sitting on the couch next to Maura. There was people everywhere,waiting for Niall. There were even fans in the driveway.

 Soon,there was knocking on the backdoor,so you went back to look. It was Niall. "Hey!" You say,moving so he can walk in. "Holly." He says,pulling you in for a hug. "You remember me?" You say,surprised. "Of course. I never forgot you." He smiles. The smile. You remember the  Elementary School Crush you had on him. And the crush was still alive to this day. You two go to the rest of the guests,and he hugs and greets everyone. 

After an hour or so,a bunch of the teens (16-20) gathered in a room,away from the parents,to play spin the bottle. The roles were:The people on each end of the bottle have to kiss,no matter what. Even if its guy and guy or girl and girl. Nobody ended up kissing someone of the same gender. We decided one last spin. One end pointed to Niall,and the other,to you. You knew your cheeks were pink. Niall stood,walking over to you. You stood as well,and heard a few "Awws" and "Ohh lalas." You looked up at Niall awkwardly,and whispered,"We can fake it if you want." As soon as you finished the sentence,Nialls lips were on yours. His arms wrapped around your waist. He pulled back and whispered,"Why would I want to fake something I've wanted to do my whole life?" 


*3 years later*

"Do you,Niall James Horan,take Holly to be your lawfully wedded wife?" "I do." Niall says,and you can tell he's nervous. "Do you,Holly ____ _____,take Niall to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "I do." You smile. "You may now kiss the bride." Niall pulls you close,and presses his lips to yours. You hear clapping. You smile into the kiss and pull back. You wait for the photographer,and soon,are on your way to the reception. 


*4 weeks later*

3 weeks ago,you and your husband,Niall Horan,arrived back home from you week long honeymoon in Cuba. You sat on the couch,sitting criss-cross/Indian style,fiddling with your hands. Niall came in,and sat next to you. "What's up Princess?" He says,taking one of your hands. "Niall...remember the one night in Cuba? Well...I'm a week and 3 days late." You say,and he turns you to face him. "Did you take a test?" He says. You nod. "Positive." You say,and he instantly smiles. "So that means that I'm gonna be a dad? And you're gonna be a mom? And there's gonna be a baby Horan!" He says. You laugh,"Thats how a baby works,so yeah.".


*5 Months later*

You and Niall painted the room a beautiful green. The ceiling was blue,with clouds designed on it. It looked so realistic,like it was really the sky. You had one crib in each corner. You would be having twin girls. And they'd be named Lillian (Lilli) and Laura (Lori). Niall was excited. And so were you. First you married your best friend,and now you'd be starting a family together. 


*1 year later* 

Headlines were everywhere,"Old One Direction star celebrating twin girls 1st birthdays." All the boys were here,Zayn,Perrie,and their son Tanner. Louis,Eleanour,their son Ashton,and their daughter Alley. Harry and his daughter Darcy (he was never married,his girlfriend left him with the child.) Liam and his newborn (adopted) daughter Lola. Everything was perfect. 

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