this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


4. Niall Horan imagine for Carolina

You and Niall have been dating for 3 months. The only problem is that it's a secret. Only the other boys know. Tonight,they have a concert. You're sitting backstage,Niall glancing over and smiling every so often. You're wearing a pink crop tee,a floral belted skirt,ballet flats,and a rose ring that Niall bought for you. (You can find the outfit on Polyvore. My username is NiallersPrincess22). As the boys sing They Don't Know About Us,Niall watches you. It's the song that Niall sings to you at night sometimes. After the song ends,Niall says,"I presume most of you know Carolina,right?" And the crowd screams things like "Yeah! Yes! Of course!"  Niall runs backstage,and pulls you on with him. Your cheeks burn as you feel all eyes on you. "Well,she's not just my friend,she's my girlfriend." He says,and the other boys smile at him. He wraps his arm around you and kisses your cheek as some members of the crowd say a chorus of 'Aww'. You whisper into Nialls ear,"I'm going backstage again,I can feel my cheeks burning. But I love you." You say,that's the first time you've ever said it. "I love you too,Princess." He says,hugging you before you run back to your seat behind curtain. 


If you don't like it,let me know! Thanks:) 

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