this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


15. Louis Tomlinson imagine for Zoe

You sat with Louis,eating popcorn and making fun of movies. Cheesy movies,old movies,and just boring movies. You each sat on an opposite end of the couch,throwing popcorn at each other. Each time Louis would make a comment,you laugh,and try to throw a piece of popcorn in his mouth. Everytime you threw a piece in his mouth,he'd kiss you. After the 4th movie,you popped in another,but instead of sitting across from Louis,you cuddled up to him. "I put in The Titanic." You say,and he nods in understanding. He knows how you cry during certain parts,and he always liked to comfort you during those moments. You continued eating popcorn,and occasionally trying to find Louis mouth without looking to feed him a piece. Once,he licked your finger on purpose,and you squealed,"Ew! Louis cooties!" In a high pitched voice,joking. You then kissed him,and he shouted,"Ew! Zoe cooties!" Jokingly. He'd smile,then kiss your forehead,playing with your hair. He had an arm around you,holding you close. As it got to that point of the movie,you shed a tear. Louis wiped it away with his thumb. You turned to see that he'd also shed a few. "Aww Lou." You say,wiping his cheeks,kissing him. "Lets change the movie. We can watch Grease." You say,standing up. You change the movies,and get next to Louis again. "I love lazy movie Sunday nights." Louis whispers,cuddling his face closer to yours. "Me too." You smile. He pulls you ontop of his chest,and you trace the tattoos on his bare chest and arms,then nuzzle your face into his neck. "I'm tired Boobear." You say,and he kisses your cheek. "I'll carry you upstairs then babe. C'mon." He says,lifting you up bridal style. He gets you upstairs,then places you on the bed. He lies next to you,lifting the blanket over you both. He pulls you close again,and whispers,"I love you Zoe." You look up,and reply,"I love you too Lou." And kiss him. 

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