this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


31. Louis Tomlinson imagine for Selene

"Louis?! Who is she!" You yell for the third time. "She's no one,babe. Don't worry." He says,continuing to watch Football (soccer). You flick the television off,finally gaining his full attention. "She doesn't look like 'no one'." You say,holding up your laptop,revealing several photos of him making out with another woman. "Selene,it doesn't matter. It was nothing. I was drunk." Louis says,standing. "Yeah,sure. Is that going to be your excuse everytime? That you were drunk?" You shout,slamming your laptop shut. "I was! I don't even remember her!" He yells. You roll your eyes. "Yeah,but yet I've seen millions of Twitter posts that you broke up with me and Tweets that photo with the caption 'Louis Tomlinson's new girlfriend.' And that was all from this morning." You snap,as your eyes tear up. "If you keep overreacting,maybe I will date her." He shouts,before grabbing his keys and slamming the front door on his way out. You lean against a wall,then slide down it,crying. *3 hours later* You were in the room you share with Louis,staring at a photo of the two of you on your 2 year anniversary. This is the first time you've seen photos of him kissing someone else. And it hurt,especially because of the hate on Twitter and the stupid pictures. You pulled off your socks and jeans,then threw on some comfy yoga-shorts,leaving on your white T-shirt. You buried your face in a pillow,and continued crying. You were lost in thought,when suddenly,a hand was placed on your lower back,and feet were next to yours. You turned your head,to look straight into beautiful blue eyes. You turned onto your side,and were pulled close. "I'm so,so,so sorry,Babe. I really was drunk,drunk out of my mind. Drunk as h*ll. I'm sorry. I honestly,and truly,only love you Selene." Louis says,and all you do in response,is kiss him,then bury your face into the crook of his neck. "I love you,Louis. And I'm sorry for overreacting." You say. "When I said that I'd date her,I was lying. There's no way that I'd leave you,even if you wanted me to. They'd have to kill me to seperate me from you. But even then,I'd still only want you." He says,and you squeeze one of his hands. "Please,shut up,and stop being super romantic. I love that Louis,and I love you,but please,just cuddle me." You say,and he smiles. "Fine by me." He says,kissing your forehead. 

(Selene,I was super excited to write this Imagine,but it's not as wonderful as I expected. I'm sorry! I'm also tired,and I'm so sorry if you dislike it! I'm trying to improve everything,but I'm not doing great with that! And would you guys like or dislike swearing in imagines? And again, I'm Sorry! xo)
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