this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


30. Louis Tomlinson imagine for Sadie

You were walking home from work,a pair of shorts and a T-shirt on. You didn't work in the best part of town,but haven't been bothered by anyone. Except for today. Louis was supposed to pick you up at Starbucks,a mile from your work area. You had headphones in,listening to your favorite song. Then,you were tripped to the ground. You stood up,your knee scraped. Two men stood behind you,very tall,and scary. "Hello,darling." One says,pulling you by a shoulder towards him. "Let go of me!" You shout,punching at his stomach. He laughs,and pushes you back down to the ground. "What's your problem?!" You yell,and that causes him to look angrier. "Nothing,but I need a punching bag...I was thinking that a small one would work. And since you're skinny,you'll bruise easier so I can see where I hit my target." He says,and the other man laughs. "Excuse me,but who's getting bruised?" Louis asks,punching the man in the face. Lou grabs you by an arm,pulling you towards him. The man swings back at Louis,but misses. You're pushed towards Lou's car as he kicks the man. "Leave her alone,and I'll never have to do this again." Lou says,pushing the shorter man to the ground and kicking his side. The man groans,holding his ribs. The larger man hits Louis,right in the left eye. You scream as he's flung back. But he doesn't give up. Soon enough,he's able to escape from the large man,and runs to the car. "Get in Sadie!" He screams,and you hop in,opening his door. Seconds later,Lou is in,speeding towards the Flat you share. "Thanks Babe." You say,kissing him on the cheek.

(Hey Sadie! I tried,I'm having Writers block -which means no ideas- and I feel rushed so I'm trying! I don't want you guys mad but it might take a little while for your imagine,but I hope you enjoyed this. Sorry if you didn't. XOX)
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