this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


12. Louis Tomlinson imagine for Melanie

You're bored,and so is Louis. He says he'll do anything you want. So you suggest shopping,and Louis says to get ready. You throw on shorts and a tanktop. You grab sandals and meet Louis out at the car. "Lets go." You say as you open the passenger side door. 

You arrive shortly and immedietly go to a new dress shop. You try on many,and Louis sits outside the Dressing Room,complimenting each one,even the silly ones you tried just for fun. You finally found a floor length dress,and Louis absolutely loved it. "Melanie,you look gorgeous. You can wear that to the Awards Show tomorrow night." He says,and you panic. "Tomorrow night?!" You shout. "Yeah,but dear,that dress is fine. Plus,you have a bunch of shoes at home,and your hair always looks nice." He says,smiling. "And,I already have a Tuxedo." He says,grabbing 2 of the dresses. "What're you doing with those?" You question,and he takes them up to the register. He buys them before you can protest,and then runs out of the store. You chase after him,and finally catch up in a dessert café. You roll your eyes,smiling. "I love you and your immaturity." You say to Louis. "You're just as immature as me. But I love you too." He says,kissing your nose.


Sorry if you don't like it Melanie! I can write a new one! 

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