this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


9. Josh Devine imagine for Kim

It's been a year since you started drum lessons...with Josh Devine,One Directions drummer! After a week or two of lessons,you ended up going on a date together. That date lead to another,and another,and many more. Today,you'd be meeting the boys of One Direction! Josh waited this long because they'd been on tour for awhile. You had on denim jean shorts,a white tanktop (with music notes all over it),black VANS,and a white beanie. You sat at the drum set,as Josh helped you play the beat to 'Rock Me' by One Direction. As soon as you ended,the boys walked in,applauding. "Josh,you taught her well." Niall says,then looks at you. He whispers something to Harry,and Harry nods. You stand up,and greet each of the boys. After you've met each of them,Josh has his arm around your waist. "Excuse me for a second babe." You whisper,walking into the hallway,to check your make-up. As soon as you close the Rehearsal Room door,you hear Harry say,"Josh,Kim's hot." Then you hear Niall,"Yeah,she's a beauty." You wished you could see Josh's face. "She's mine,back off." You hear Josh say,and you can tell he's smiling. You walk back in,and over to Josh. You stand on your Tip-Toes and whisper,"Don't worry,I'm yours." He turns his head to you and whispers back,"You heard that?" You nod,and he smiles,holding you tight to his side. "Wanna go get some lunch?" Liam suggests,and everyone nods. Niall suggests Nandos,and everyone nods yet again. You stayed by Josh the whole time,even kissing him once or twice. "I agree with what Harry and Niall said about you." He whispers during one point of Lunch. You just shake your head,and kiss his cheek. "But they spoke the truth." He whispers,kissing your cheek in return. 


Since you wanted Josh,Harry,or Niall,I decided to do Josh since I've never written a Josh imagine. I tried to include Harry and Niall. Well,anyways,if you don't like it,please let me know,I can change it for you. :)

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