this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


20. Harry Styles imagine for Tiahna

"C'mon Haz! I'm so excited!" You squeal,throwing a Life-Jacket over your bikini. Harry smiles,fastening one on himself. You smile,and grab his arm,pulling towards the Jet-ski. You were at a beach,and instead of renting two,you just got one. "Haz,you drive first." You say,and he nods. He sits,and you follow. "Hold tight Babe." He says,and you wrap your arms around his waist. 

After he drives around for a bit,making sure to get you drenched with Ocean Water,he says he wants you to drive. He sits behind you,his head on your left shoulder. And his arms near your belly-button.

After riding around a little longer,you decide to be finished. You take off your life-jacket once you're back on land,and so does Harry. "Did you have fun,Tiahna?" Haz asks,holding one of your hands. "I had a lot of fun? How about you?" You reply. "I really liked that. Especially because it was with you." He smiles,and you smile back. "I love you,Hazza." You say,moving closer. "I love you too,Tiahna." He says against your lips,then kisses you.

(Sorry if you don't like it Tiahna! I'm sorry it's so short! Please forgive me?! I don't know much about Jetskiing,sorry! xo)
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