this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


10. Harry Styles imagine for Taryn

Tonight would be the night that you'd get to see your idols,One Direction,in concert. You threw on shredded denim skinny jeans,a One Direction tanktop,black combat boots,an infinity bracelet,an Irish flag colored bracelet,and a 'Future Mrs.Styles' necklace. (Outfit on Polyvore). You got there late,the boys would be onstage in half an hour. That means 5 Seconds of Summer were going to be onstage opening up for them soon. You started walking towards the stadium when you bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry,I was in a hurry and I wasn't paying attention." You say,helping them up. You look up to realize that it wasn't just 'someone' you bumped into. It was Harry Styles. "You're Harry S-Styles." You murmur. "Well yes,it is. And I see that you're the Future Mrs.Styles?" He smiles,gesturing to your necklace. "Well,that's what I want to happen." You smile,then quickly introduce yourself. "I'm Taryn by the way." Harry looks down at his phone,then back up to you. "Well,Taryn,after the concert,I'd like to see your pretty face again. Go to any security guard and give them your name,they'll know where to take you." He smiles widely. "Okay." You smile,walking into the stadium. WHAT THE WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! You fangirl,and as soon as you can scream without being questioned,you do. 


After an amazing performance,you walk to the closest security guard,give him your name,and you are lead to a door. "Go ahead in." He says,and you do. You walk in to see a couch,and 7 other doors. Theres alot of men running around,all moving lights,microphones,and random things. The other doors are listed as 'Harry Styles','Niall Horan','Liam Payne','Zayn Malik','Louis Tomlinson','Band','Equipment'. You walk over to Harry's door,and knock. "Louis,if that's you,I'm not paying you 20 bucks. Taryn said she'd be here." He shouts,and you realize that that mean Harry was talking about you. "It's Taryn. I guess you don't owe Louis anything." You say,and he opens the door. "I guess I don't. Louis thought that I lied about meeting a beautiful girl,that I was making it up." Harry. Freaking. Styles. Called. You. Beautiful. As you open your mouth to speak,a man bursts through the door,and you recognize him as Paul. "Harry we have to go. Tell your friend bye. We have to drop you at the flat soon." He says,and Harry sighs. Paul leaves,and Harry look at you apologetically. "Here,text me." Harry says,and then hugs you. "Bye Taryn." He says as you walk out the door. "Bye Harry." You wave. 


A year later,you're still together. Only this time,you watch from backstage,every concert. 


(If you don't like it...tell me! Thanks)

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