this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


11. Harry Styles imagine for Mia

You're One Direction's new guitarist,and also the only female in the instrumentalists. Today was your first day,you had on a white tanktop,jean shorts,converse All-Stars,record earrings,and your brown hair was pulled into a pony tail. You sat ontop of the large Amp,and began strumming some of Live While We're Young. It was just the echoing sounds of your guitar and your foot tapping the beat,until someone started singing. You jumped slightly as a deep voice joined into the song. You looked up to see Harry Styles,smiling. "You're the new guitarist Mia,aren't you?" He says. "Yeah,I am." You say,smiling back. "You're an amazing guitarist. I've heard you play other songs,you know,on YouTube." He says,and you nod. That's how management found you. "Can I show you something?" Harry asks,and you presume he means witht he guitar. You nod. He gets closer,and when you think he's about to take the guitar,he presses his lips to yours. You kiss him back,but pause him for a second. You take the guitar and set it down,then turn your brown eyes back to his green eyes. You resume the kiss,your arms loosely around his neck,his arms around your waist. 

"Harry? Is that Mia?" You hear someone say,and you pull apart to see Louis. "Uh,yeah." Harry says, his face pink. You know yours looks just as pink. Louis smiles. "I'll leave you two to it." And leaves. "Um..I think we should probably get everyone to rehearse." You say,and Harry nods. He kisses you one last time before smiling and waving. 

As we're rehearsing Kiss You,Louis blurts out,"Harry and Mia were making out earlier." All of the eyes in the room shift from Harry,to you,to Harry. Niall bursts out laughing,"Who would wanna kiss Harry?!" Harry pretends to be hurt,and then walks over to you. "Since nobody would want to kiss me,I guess she'll push me away." He says,then he takes you guitar,wraps his arms around your waist,and kisses you like before,but with more passion. You don't fight it,but instead wrap your arms loosely around his neck. After a few moments,you hear Zayn,"Okay,Okay. We get it. You two like each other. Now stop making out. Save it for later,When I'm not around!". You pull away from Harry,a smile on your face. "Meet me outside this place tonight,I wanna take you to dinner." He whispers,then walks over to the boys. You look down at your lap,smiling. You grab your guitar,and you wait for them to call a song,and before you know it,rehearsal is over. 

Later,around 6:00PM,you drive back to the studio. You have on one of your favorite dresses. You park your car and see Harry standing out front,he looked amazing. You walk over to him,smiling. "Hey." You say,and he turns to you. "Hey,you look amazing." He says,and you look down at the ground,a wide smile on your face. "Lets go." He says,leading you to his car. 

After an amazing date,Harry drives you back to the studio. As he parks next to yours,he grabs your hand to keep you from leaving. "Mia,will you be my girlfriend?" He says,and you can tell,even in the dark,that his face is a shade of pink. "Of course Harry!" You squeal,and he smiles. "Well,I guess I'll have to let you leave now." He jokes,then pulls you close. "But before you go," He kisses you,and you feel him slip a piece of paper in your hand. "Bye Harry." You smile. (Btw,the dress can be found on Polyvore! Sorry,I'm like obsessed with that app) 


Here you go Mia:) If you'd like anything changed,I can try to fix it. Thanks(:

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