this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


28. Harry Styles imagine for Kristian

Harry had to be the most romantic person in the world. Tonight was your 1 year anniversary. You came home from work to a dark house,lot by candles placed in various places. There were a few rose pedals placed on the ground. You walked to the kitchen to see Harry setting your favorite meal on the table.   There were a few candles on the table,and when Harry looked over at you,he looked like an angel,his face lit up and his curls looking brown/gold. His green eyes looked right into yours,making you feel the butterflies that you felt on your first date. He walked towards you,smiling. "Hey Babe." He says,taking one of your hands and pulling you into his arms. "What is this,Haz?" You ask,looking around again. "It's for you." He says,pecking you on the lips before walking towards the table. He pulls out a chair,and motions for you to sit. You do,and he sits across from you. He starts talking,making you laugh as you two eat. You crack jokes,talk about random things,and then about his Tour. "I go on tour in 3 days." He says,still looking happy. "I'm gonna miss you." You say,sad. He takes your plate,since you're both finished. "No you won't." He says,and you look at him questioningly. When you don't say anything back,he realizes that you're confused. "Haz,babe,I will miss you. This'll be the first time you're going on tour since we started dating." You say,and he shakes his head. "Open this." He says,pushing a bag towards you. You open it to see a sliver necklace with half a heart. "Open the heart." He says,so you do. It's half of a picture that you and Harry took together,it's the half with his face. He lifts the partner of your necklace out from under his shirt. He opens it and you see a photo of yourself. He takes your half,and his half,and puts them next to each other. They stick together magnetically,and you tear up. "I'm really gonna miss you." You say,and he pulls you to his chest. "I'm gonna miss you a lot,Kristian. A lot. But remember that I love you,and if you need me anytime I'm gone,we can video chat or just talk over the phone,or I can get management to fly you out for a little while." Harry says,kissing your forehead. "I love you Haz." You say,nuzzling your head into his neck. 

(Hope you like it Kristian! If you don't,I'm sorry! XoX)
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