this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


14. Harry Styles imagine for Ivette

You clutched your stomach and groaned. You sit up,and without warning,throw-up. You shake Niall and he rubs his eyes,sitting up,and then jumping out from under the puke-covered sheets. "Aw Princess,you have a fever." He says,his hand on your forehead. You nod,and stand up. Niall strips the sheets off the bed,and while he getting other ones,you run to the bathroom. You quickly rinse your hair and throw on a tank-top and shorts,your comfy clothes. You walk back to the bedroom,holding your stomach. Niall had the bed with just a bottom sheet on. He puts your hair up in a pony tail,and lets you lie down. He puts a thermometer in your mouth. "102.1. That's not good Ivette." He says,sighing. "What do you need babe? Medicine? Food?" Niall asks,setting the thermometer on the bedside table. "Cuddle with me." You whine,and he gently turns you onto your back,then lies next to you. He has one arm under you,and the other rubbing your stomach. You suddenly shoot up,lean over to the garbage can Niall placed,and barf. You whimper,and Niall grabs a wet towel for your face. He wipes it off,and you lie back down. The rest of the day goes on like this,even when Niall made you chicken soup,which you threw up. He comforted you by singing to you,and even declined the boys offer to go bowling. You finally fell asleep,and by the next day,your fever was down to 99.8. You still felt awful,but had your wonderful boyfriend Niall to comfort you and help you through the day.

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