Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


4. Who are you..?


Alex's POV:
Jon shoved me into their lawn, I just sighed and pause to think.
I looked up and saw Dani standing there, I smiled until she walked back and came back with a blanket in her hand, my smile dropped whenever she threw it down to me. "LEAVE!" She screamed, I nodded slowly and walked off of her lawn. 
I had a long walk home, since it was dark I had trouble seeing. I got home and checked the time, 11:40 PM.. 
I walked up to my room and crawled under my covers, and instantly fell asleep.

Dani's POV:
I woke up to my alarm blasting Love Like Woe by The Ready Set. 
I groaned and reached my arm behind me to grab my phone, it was raining and cloudy outside, I stopped my alarm and got up to brush my hair and teeth. I tripped on the corner of my dresser and stubbed my toe, "holy.." I clenched my teeth and held my toe. 
I groaned, this day isn't starting out very well, I brushed my teething threw my hair up.
I ran down stairs, "mum I don't wanna go to school today" I said trying to sound sick. "Ya right. Go get ready and hurry down" I groaned while I walked up the stairs into my room. I grabbed some denim almost skin tight jeans, red toms, a black beanie, a black and white long sleeve shirt that was tight, and my hair was sectioned down the middle in the back so it rested in front of my shoulders. I looked satisfied. I put on black eyeliner on my water line and o my right line, some nude colored eyeshadow, mascara, and foundation. I put it my black and silver striped industrial bar for my ear. I put on some perfume and 'lady needs.'  I grabbed my phone and headphones and walked slowly down the stairs, I skipped breakfast because I was fo shizzles gonna be late if i did. 
I grabbed my skateboard and headed to school. I saw Ray riding hers to, I sped up to her, "hey" I said focusing on what I was doing, "oh hey!" She cheered while skating to school. The rest of the way was silent. We got to school so we hopped off our boards, I spun around to get mine and hit te end with my foot and it perfectly smashed into my palm. I have a thumbs up to Ray as she smiled. 
I sped walked up to her, I glanced over and saw.. 'Him...' 
I shook my head in disgust and turned to Ray, "good morning" she said smirking at me, "good morning." I replied giving a weak smile. It started pouring rain so we ran inside the school, some kids were outside dancing like idiots enjoying themselves. I turned to Ray, she was already smiling like a fool looking at me. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" I questioned raising and eyebrow and smiling, "ya!" She said. We ran outside and started dancing along with everyone catching water in our mouths. We all danced together, with each other, without each other, there were about 35 kids out here. It was amazing, Ray and I were getting our groove on, and so was everyone else there. 
We all heard thunder and small screams came from a few girls. I giggled at Ray and she did to.  
Ray and I couldn't stop laughing or dancing, more and more people gathered outside. About 80 kids were out here now!
Everybody formed a circle while a perky cheerleader girl  went to the center, and started TWERKING!!
Everybody cheered and clapped, she did the wop to! Everybody laughed, clapped, and cheered. I did to!
Until a male figure walked out into the center and dancing with her while she did 'her thing' I stopped laughing and smiling and turned to Ray who was already biting her lip and looking at me, her facial expression read, 'oh my god.. I'm really sorry..' I looked down and shook my head, I moped passed everybody, I looked behind me and saw him stop dancing and turn to me, my eyes flew open and I tried to walk into the school fast. I started running, I started to kinda slip so I threw my shoes off and they landed in the hallway, I heard shoes squeak and enter the building. "Dani!" Someone called out. It was Ray, thank god. I came out and saw her with a worried look on her face. "I'm sorry he did that.. But you don't REALLY like him, so why is it a big deal?" Ray held my chin up so I was looking at her, "Ray, it seems the more he hurts my feelings, te more I start to like him.. And as of right now I really like him!" I kinda yelled, I saw him standing behind her at the doorway listening, not smiling or being a jerk.. Just, simply listening. 
I started walking backwards and turned all the way around just walking away from the two.  
I looked behind my shoulder to make sure he wasnt following, he wasnt but I saw him step foward, put his arm out, then plopped it back down. 
I sighed and turned a corner and just sat there, I heard shoes walking into the building, everybody started piling into the school so I got up, I was freezing cold and was shivering. 
I walked to my locker to see if I had a extra pair of shoes, because mine were now ruined. I sighed and closed my locker, I headed for class and sat down in the back. Great, another day with him. I wanted to see him but then again I didn't want to speak to him ever again, but I knew we would end up talking.
He walked in, actually on time and just went and sat down, not even making eye contact with me. 

Alex's POV:
I walked into class and saw her sitting there, shivering, soaking wet, without any shoes. I tried not to look at her, I walked down the aisle and sat next to her. I kept looking at her from the corner of my eye, she didnt budge to look at me, even from te corner of her eye. I took my shoes off and tapped her shoulder, she shook her head indicating 'no' I sighed and plopped the shoes next to her desk, I plopped them down kinda hard so she would hear it and put them on. 
She looked down at the shoes, picked them up, then threw them back at me.
I caught them and just stared at her with my mouth open, I was shocked.
"Can I use te restroom, please?!" She yelled across the room to the teacher, "yes you may" the teacher smiled and got up and left.
About 5 minutes past and she didnt come back, "can I- I, use the bathroom?" I stuttered. "Wait for Dani to come back" he exclaimed.
Crap.. Another 5 minutes past and she still didnt come back, I decided just to walk out of the room.
Wait, why am I going after her..? I thought to myself,  walked out of the room and looked up and down every hallway. No sight of her, I decided to only place left was the girls restroom..
I shrugged and went to the restroom down the hall from our class, I opened the door and heard faint sobs.
My heart dropped. 
I pretended to leave by opening the door and closing it, and stayed very still. She kept crying, I wanted to say something, but I couldn't. 
I heard the lock on the stall unlock then she came out. 
She finished wiping away a few tears and then looked to me realizing who was standing there. She backed away and his in one of the showers,
I opened the bathroom door to wait outside for her, I left the bathroom, and waited and waited. Until she came out, I held her arm and pulled her to me.
"Let me go or I'll scream." She clenched her teeth. Woe.
"No, I know you saw me dancing with that girl, but why were you so jealous?" I said just looking straight into her eyes, "you wouldn't understand, because you don't know the term 'actually liking someone'" she said looking down. 
"Actually, I do, because I like you.. A lot." I smirked, she didnt. I saw a tear roll down her cheek. I picked her chin up and looked at her, "I can't trust you" she said getting out of my grip and leaving the school. 
I followed her, "at least take my shoes!" I yelled trying to get to her, "fine! Only if it will make you feel better" she hissed and put them on. They were way to big for her but I didnt care, she needed shoes.

Dani's POV: 
I took his shoes after he begged me to wear them home, I put them on and they were to big but cozy. 
He stopped following me and I turned my head to give him a smile, but when I did I saw him kissing the girl he danced with earlier. I took his shoes off and threw them at him, it hit his ribs and shoulder. 
The girl looked over at me and had her stupid mouth open while her arms were around his neck. 
He looked over and his eyes shot open, he picked up the shoes and just sat on the steps, the stupid girl just walked inside strutting her ugly self.
I walked home crying. I never cry, but today had a forecast of severe weather alert served by 'Dani Shuttle'. 
When I got home I threw my beanie on the ground and I balled up and laid on the floor while crying, I'm glad my brother ha work today.
I heard someone knocking lousy on the door, "go away!" I yelled between my sobs. "Please, open up.." I heard Alex's voice on the other side.
"No! I don't wanna see you again! Leave me alone you played!" I herd the door open and he stood there just with a long face as I balled on the floor.
I got up quick to try and run to my room, but half way up the stairs he took me by the waist and pulled me to him. 
I covered my face in my hands while he just held me there. I didn't try to get away, I just stood there in his arms while I covered my face in my hands. 
"Please leave.." I said in my hands to him, "no... Look I really like you a-" I cut him off and looked at him straight in the eye and got closer to him, "no. You. Don't. You dirty liar!" I screamed and ran to my room and locked the door. I went to my bed and put my pillow over my head. 
I heard him banging on the door, I finally let him in and just locked myself in the bathroom.  "Please, I really like you!" He said from my bedroom. 
"Stop lying!" I scream-cried, "I'm not lying.." His voice got soft. I walked out of my bathroom and he was just awkwardly standing in my room, holding his hands together. I pointed to a circle chair in the corner for him.
He nodded and sat. I just laid on my bed not saying anything. I felt him move into my bed and pull the covers over himself. He didnt face me, he faced the other way, I turned his way playing on my phone, I went on twitter. 
I posted,
@Ca-caw_Ray_xx Alex is asleep in my bed... But I let him /: 

I quickly got a text.

From her- why did you let him in??!

To her- he is honestly sorry. 

From her- pfft. That's what he always does! Don't believe him!

I sighed at the text and turned my phone off. 
I wrapped up more in the blankets and cuddled my pillow. 
Alex squirmed around then faced me, he was awake. "Do you want a actual person to cuddle with?" He smiled referring to my pillow, "yes please" I said while he held his arms out for me. 
I went into his arms and laid my head on his chest. I could feel every breathe he took. He was so warm, and I fit perfectly into his arms.
"Dani?" He whispered, "yes?" I said looking up at him, "I'm sorry.. About, ya know, earlier.." He said looking at me being serious, "don't worry.. You were doing what you do best, but this was for reason" I said referring to us cuddeling. "Haha ya sure. We are cuddling because you wanted to" he laughed, "no.. I was cuddling with my pillow then you asked if I wanted to cuddle" I said trying not  to giggle. "Then why did you agree to cuddle?" He smirked and pulled me closer, I didnt reply, I just smiled. 
"But I really do like you..." He said resting his chin on my head
I sat up straight looking at him,
"If you did you wouldn't have danced with that girl or kissed that other girl." I said . He sat up with me, he took a breathe, "I only did that to try and get you out of my head! I couldn't stop thinking about you." H looked down and back up at me, "oh.. I'm sorry" I gave him a small hug,  I pulled away and looked him in the eyes. 
We stared at each other, then he leaned in and I did to, our lips touched and I scooted closer not breaking the kiss. 
I put my hands on his neck and he placed his hands on my waist, he had really soft lips.. 
I released and smiled at him, he returned the smile. 
I kissed his cheek again and went to change. "I'm gonna go change" I said and smiled at him, "alright love" he smiled.
I walked to my dresser and grabbed some red sweat pants, and a black tank top. I went to my bathroom and closed the door, I pulled my original pants off and put my sweats on, I just finished pulling up my pants when I heard knocking on the bathroom door, "yes?" I asked pulling my shirt off. 
"I need to use the restroom" he said, I laughed to myself, "there's a bathroom down stairs to the right." I said pulling my tank top down.  I walked out and went over to my bed, I got out my laptop to do a Twitcam,
I turned on Twitcam and already had 35 views. I smiled and looked at the questions and comments
❓Are you dating anybody❓
⭕No, not now⭕ I smiled
❗Your so pretty
⭕Awe thank you!⭕
❗I like your hair!!❗
Alex walked in and I smiled, he came and sat next to me. "Helloooo!" He kinda yelled. 
❓Who is that❓
⭕A friend⭕ I smiled at Alex
(Alex's answers=❌)
❓Alex??! I was supposed to meet up with you in five minutes!!❗
I looked at Alex who was just staring down, 
"I'm sorry Dani.." He got up and left me just sitting here, WHAT A JERK!
I threw a pillow or two at him while he walked away. 
I shut my laptop off and ran down stairs, to angry to cry. I pushed him out the door for his few last steps and slammed the door locking it.
I slide down the door and heard him sigh...
"He will never want me..." I sighed looking down.
I started to cry, I felt a vibrate from my pocket. 
It was from Ray

From her- hey, wyd?
To her- crying on the ground over Alex, you?

From her- your acting like its an every day thing! I'm coming over, wanna go to a party later?

To her- idk if I'm really in the mood..
From her- but Kellin will be there.
To her- I'm in! Come over soon.
From her- alright, and the party is at Sam's.
To her- alright, I'm getting ready.

I went up stairs still crying and got into some high wasted red shorts with a v-neck black shirt and black toms with my hair straightened and I let my fringe show.
I took off my smeared makeup and wiped it off, then added more.
I heard the doorbell ring, I guess it's her!
I ran down stairs and opened the door to Alex, I tried closing the door but his foot stood in the way. 
"What?!!" I yelled opening the door.
"I left my wallet.." He didnt make eye contact with me, I closed the door and went to get his wallet. 
I ran down stairs and threw it at him, "have fun with your girl!" I said sarcastically and closed the door, seconds later Ray appeared at my door step, "hey" I said "you need some heels girl.." Ray might be alternative and stuff, but she still had her fashionista crazy side to her, that's why I loved her. "Oh okay,  I have black stilettos up stairs, let me get them real quick!" I said and ran back up stairs and brought them down stairs and put them on. "Ready!" I yelled from the living room.
"Okay lets go" she smiled, we walked to her red truck. We drove in silence, not even music was playing. 
We got to the party and I could already hear the music pounding and I saw people outside, some walked in with a group, some with their girl or boy, and some alone.
We got out of the car and we proudly walked inside to the blaring music, I could smell the aroma of alcohol already, the house was filled with boys and girls "want a drink!!?!!!!" Ray had to pretty much yell over the music, "yeah!!!!!" I yelled back to, we both started laughing. She came back over with two drinks in her hands, "here you go!!!!!!" She yelled "thank you!!!!!!" I yelled back, we started cracking up.
Then we heard, "ANYBODY WHO'S UP FOR TRUTH OR DARE OVER HER!!!" A girl yelled, surprisingly a lot of people heard, "wanna play?!!!" I ask-screamed, "ya sure!!!" She giggled.
We walked to a room where there was a  table, a couch, a few pillows, 3 things of 12 packs and a lot of people. "Woe" I said, "yeah... Lets go!" She said dragging me more inside of the room. "Welcome!" A drunk guy said, everybody laughed.
We sat down and we formed a circle, 
A girl with brown dip dyed blonde hair started, "alright... Ray!" She pointed to ray, "truth or dare?" "Um.... Dare!" She got excited and leaned I to hear the dare. "I dare you to... Close your eyes, spin around, and point to a random person still closing your eyes then whoever you point to, you kiss!" The girl cheered, "easy enough!" Ray laughed. She closed her eyes and I spun her around. 
I stopped spinning and sat down, we watched as she pointed to a boy wearing red skinnies and a white v-neck, he was really cute. 
She opened her eyes and smiled, "alright.. Go ahead!" A boy cheered, some whistled, Ray walked over and kissed his lips then came and sat next to me, I smiled at her. "Okay ray your turn" the girl said smiling, "hmm... Alright," she started, "Dani!" She started, "I dare you to take 4 shots in a row, then try running up and down this hallwy." She giggled, I nodded and someone handed me 4 shots. I got one shot and gulped it back, ten another, then another, then another until I had 4. I went I to the hallway and ran down it to the back door, then back up to the entrance to the dancing room. I tried running back then I saw Alex kissing a girl, I gasped and tried for him not to notice me, we'll guess what? He did notice me before I got back to the room. "Dani!" He slurred releasing the girl. "Get away from me" I said trying to push his hand away "no..  No, I'm not letting you go" he smirked "your drunk!" I flicked his forehead and ran to the room,tripping over something and falling into Ray's lap. 
I was out of breathe, "A-Al-Alex.." I said between breathes, she quickly got up and dragged me out of the party. Poor her because the shots and drinks were getting to me so I kept trying to release and dance in the floor. Silly me ;p .
We finally got to the car and she put me in the back, I instantly fell asleep. 
I woke up in my room, with Ray next to me. She was such a good friend, always protecting me. I felt the vomit coming... I quickly got up and ran to the toilet, I barfed up a lot, I felt someone pull my hair back, it was ray who was still half asleep, she was standing there looking straight ahead and just smiling with her eyes closed. I shook my head and laughed, I barfed again.  I had a huge headache.
"Ugh..." I said holding my throbbing head.
She gave me a IV profin. "Thanks" I said before barfing again.
I washed my mouth out with mouth wash and was hoping my headache would go away soon.
I plopped onto my bed that made my head hurt more. I groaned in pain and went on Twitter, I decided to check Alex's twitter to see whats going on in the ol' pig pin. Hehe.
I looked through some pictures he posted of last night, then after the picture of him and that girl kissing at that party, he wrote a tweet saying:

'I can't believe I did it again 😔 everytime I think I really like a girl I always mess it up, but I don't know how I messed up this time.. I really liked this girl, Dani, I just don't know how to be a 'emotional' guy I guess. No matter how hard I try, I always end up breaking a girls heart. 
Please, Dani, if you see this please tweet back and forgive me. I'm really sorry 😔.' 

I rolled my eyes but decided to tweet back, 
'Why would I ever forgive you?! And you don't know how many times this same exact situation has happened to me! I have had my heart broken 8 times Alex! 8 times! You didn't seem to care, but last time you tried to be nice with me you ruined it! I know that I am starting to like you a lot really fast but guess what? I'm tired of you, I'm tired of your CRAP, and I'm tired of you trying to get me back after all this! I bet this is what you do with every girl isn't it?? SO GUESS WHAT? LEAVE ME THE CRAP ALONE! AND DON'T BOTHER CHASING ME OR TALKING TO ME AT SCHOOL BECAUSE I HATE YOU ALEX SHULTZ! AND I ALWAYS WILL!' 
I tweeted that and I about threw my laptop across the room. 
Ray came in and saw me being furious with him, "it's alright.. It will be okay" she said bringing me into a hug.
"No it won't...!" 
Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!!
The clock was at 12:35 PM!
"RAY!! SCHOOL!!" I yelled spring out of bed brushing my hair and teeth real good. 
I put on some black sweats and a black school t-shirt with some blue toms, I left my hair fall down my shoulders and be curly. I pinned two long pieces of hair back in the middle of my hair and gave Ray a tooth brush and clothes. I sprayed perfume and cleaned off Ny extra makeup. We got ready in about 10 minutes.
"I'm running to school!" I exclaimed 
Grabbing my phone and house keys.
We rushed down stairs, "bye mom!" I yelled sliding on the tile but catching myself while running "bye mrs.S!" Ray yelled nearly falling down the stairs. "Aren't you girls supposed to be at school??!!" My mom yelled,
"Oh- um, erm... My alarm didnt go off!" I lied. 
We ran out the door and ran for school.
We busted up into the doors and headed for our 3rd period. Lunch.
Some people were already gathered in the cafeteria eating, Ray and I got our food and sat alone at a table. 

A male figure came and sat next to me, I sighed and turned away facing Ray.
"Hello, I'm Kellin." I heard a deep voice that was kinda high pitched, my eyes shot open,
I stayed coo' doe. I turned around, "hi, I'm, u-uhh.." He was so cute 😍
"Words" I heard Ray whisper behind my ear, "I'm uh," I cleared my throat, "Dani. And this is my bet friend, Ray." I smiled, he smiled to showing his clear braces. 
"I saw your tweets this afternoon about you and I'm.. A-..?" He got confused, "um Alex" I correct him, "oh sorry, but I wanted to show you this..." He pulled out his phone and showed me a tweet that Alex just tweeted, it was a picture of him laying in bed with red eyes. Oh.mah.gawd. 
"I bet he's pretending.." I held back tears. "Not according to the caption!" He scrolled down showing me the caption. 
It said,
'Dear Dani.. I wasnt lying.' 
"That doesn't prove anything.."
He sighed and put his phone down, I heard the cafeteria door swing open and Alex stood there, his eyes searching for me. 
His eyes spotted me and headed my way, I quickly got up racing down the aisles. I got to the doors that lead outside to the football field.
I ran inside to the track locking the gate behind me, hoping he wouldn't get me.
I just curled up in the grass, biting the inside of my lip thinking. 
I heard the gate jingle, I turned my head and saw a red eyes Alex.
Pfft fake tears.
"Open this gate!" He yelled "no, go away!" I yelled back, "we'll okay then.. I'm just gonna have to climb over!" He yelled, I turned my head up towards the tall metal gates, "have fun trying!" I yelled back and got up to run to the other side of the field, facing the woods.
I heard jingles still, I saw Alex at the top of the gates. My mouth opened when he jumped down and ran to me in nothing but sweats. 
When he got to me he sat down right next to me staring into the woods,
"Go away.." I turned to where my back faced him. "Dani I'm so sorry. You have no idea, I know we're rushing into things bu-" I cut him off,
"There isn't a 'thing' between us!!" I got up walking towards the gate,
I felt his arms wrap around me whenever I got outside of the gate.
"Let go Alex!!" I tried squirming away until he turned me around, this wasnt Alex... 

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