Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


18. Travis


I heard someone knock at my door, I stopped dancing in confusion

and walked to my door and opened it,


Not Travis....


Dani's POV:


"Travis???!" I screamed, sending my parents and brother rushing over to us.

"Yes love?" He smirked and winked, "Dont call me love, why are you here!" I yelled, I soon felt Niall's warm hand hold onto mine, "to get you back, you know." He smirked, then frowned in anger whenever he noticed our intertwined fingers.


"Well your to late, I have a new love. A new love that cant be broke, and besides... You played me. You never liked me, you used me" I spat.


I soon felt all the boys rush behind me creating warm patterns going across my back. Louis held onto my other hand, Liam and Zayn held hold of both my shoulders, while Harry stood behind all of them. Probably clutching his fists in complete anger, Harry is like my protector now.

Jon is to, only when im with him though. Harry is my protector otherwise.


Ray, probably shocked in the corner. "Of course I like you! But your dumb brother got in the way" he said rolling his eyes. I looked behind his shoulder at Jon who looked ready to pounce.

But i didnt allow it. I shook my head at Jon and returned my glare at Travis.


"So your saying that whenever I caught you cheating on me with that drab is my brothers fault?"

I asked with anger, he just coughed.


"thats what I thought" I spat again and tried to close my door, but his foot stood in between the door and wall. "What do you want?" I asked trying to close the door, but he opened it more, allowing himself into my room.


"You" he said sitting on my bed smirking, not even remembering about Niall and I, or that my parents brother best friend and the boys were in the room aswell.


"Too bad, your not getting me" I went over to Harry and Jon whispering into their ears.

They nodded and I made everyone step back except for Harry and Jon.


They started walking towards Travis and picking him up. Travis had that 'wtf?!' face expressed all over. I opened my door more to let thim carry him outside. They pushed out into the lawn and locked the front door. "Thanks boys" I said smiling and kissing both of their cheeks. I looked at Niall who had the 'why did you kiss his cheek?' face.

I smirked and walking over to him making sure Jon left, when i didnt see him i turned back to Niall and kissed him passionatley, but a short passionate kiss.


He smiled and nodded, I smiled back and closed my door and sat around with the boys and Ray.


"Travis is a real jerk" Liam said. I was surprised, Liam doesnt speak much around me.

"Yeah i know. I delt with him for a while, and it was crap. Ask Ray" I said turning my look to her, "He was a SUPER jerk, he would always yell at her. And one time he tried to make out with me, he always got drunk and went for parties. Who knows how many times he had cheated"

I really wish that she didnt say that, Niall's grip on my hand became really tight, and his face was more red then normal.


"Niall ,its alright. Hes gone now" I kissed his warm cheeks making him smile.



SHORT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry e.e

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