Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


11. To lazy for title

Niall's POV:
Dani had made us breakfast, and she was quit the cook. She came and rested her head on my lap, she looked tired, but beautiful. 
I tucked some hair behind her ears and some out of her face. I believe this is my princess that I have been waiting for,  
she woke up about 30 minutes later, her back was kinda sweaty and her arms were incredibly warm. 
I felt her forehead that was warming up, "do you feel okay?" I asked concerned looking down at her, she shook her head. "Okay princess. Lay here an I'll go get you some soup" I smiled kissing her forehead and walking to the kitchen, I got out a bowl and some ramen noodles.
I microwaved it because it was faster, and easier this way.
The microwave beeped and I took it out of the microwave and let it cool down for a little.
It was cooled down a little so I brought it to her, she sat up smiling and placing the bowl on her lap that had a pillow on it so she didnt get burned.

"Thank you" she smiled, her voice didnt sound well either.

*2 months later*
Dani had gotten better, and she is happier then ever. The day she got sick she went home to stay with her family. 
I was sad that she left, but she needed to go to school and bond with her family. 
I'm still going to school, Dani and I act different at school, were still dating and act like it, we just hang with our friends at school. Dani texts me everyday, saying she loves me and misses staying at my house.
The boys did to,  they said she was really funny and nice. 

Dani's POV:
I missed staying with Niall, I was gonna go over today to hang for the day, I didnt tell him because since we haven't really hung out in a while I wanted to surprise him. 

It was the weekend so We could go to the mall or something like that.
I walked to his flat, there were of course a few fans there, but nothing major. 
I pushed through them and walked the steps leading to his door. 
I knocked and heard Niall call out, "coming!" I heard him rush to the door, I smiled while I heard the door knob turn, he opened the door to him only in his sweat pants. 
"Dani!!" He smiled picking me up hugging me. 
He walked inside with me, all the boys were sitting on the ground, they turned their heads our way and smiled appeared on all their faces. 
They rushed over to me hugging me, "Dani! Your back!" Louis yelled hugging my waist, "yup" I smiled. 
We all walked to the lounge room and sat down, Louis was laying on Zayn's back, 
Zayn's stomach was on the floor with his body sprawled across the floor, giving Louis a perfect chance to lay on him.
I smiled and laid my head on Niall's shoulder. 
"Dani," Niall started? "Yes?" I asked looking at his eyes, "Louis hasn't been alright" "what do you mean..?" I said sitting up, "he has been acting different.. Like some nights he asks to sleep in my bed, and he hasn't been talking to El or mentioning her" Nialls eyes turned to a darker blue, "oh. I'll talk to him later, I think I know why" I bit my lip, "I can do it now" I whispered, he nodded.
"Louis can we talk?" I asked getting up, "of course!" He smiled standing up forgetting he was on Zayn, he popped Zayn's back getting up, "ow!" Zayn yelped holding his back, "haha" everybody laughed.

I walked Louis to the top of the stairs, "what is it love?" He asked,
"Niall said you've been acting different?" He nodded, "what's wrong then?" "I keep having these dreams, dreams that these things keep happening to us" "like what?" "We'll last night, You were getting thrown down somewhere, and getting beaten, I couldn't stand the dream so I went to Nialls room whenever I woke up" he stated looking sad, "it's alright" I smiled hugging him,  he hugged back tightly and we walked down stairs, Niall was in the kitchen looking in the freezer, "wanna go to the mall?" Niall asked looking over at us closing the freezer, "ya" everybody harmonized getting up from their seating. 
"Let me get my phone from the table" I said walking to the table where I saw Harry's phone, I took it and handed it to him.
He smiled at me and opened the door for us to walk out. 
We all walked out and Niall took my hand in his, we got in Harry's car and they all had beanies, snapbacks, shades, and hoodies to try and hide themselves. 
It was a pretty bad disguise, I gotta admit. 
It started raining on our way to the mall, "great" Niall said sarcastically.
I was in between Louis and Niall in the back seat, Louis held onto my hand and Niall held my other.
We pulled up to the mall, by now it was pouring rain.
I pulled my hoodie over my head and walked inside with the boys.
My clothes were soaked and so was some of my hair, Niall wrapped an arm around my waist not letting go.
Harry said something making Niall laugh really hard, making almost one whole side of the mall hear, next thing you know a massive group of girls came running over, "thanks Harry!" Liam nudged Harry.
We all started running outside, I started slipping so Niall picked me up putting me on his back.
I laughed hysterically as he ran, causing me to jump up and down.
We got to Harry's car that was now surrounded by girls. 
We got in and locked the doors, it was pretty scary how many girls were there.
Niall still had my hand in his,  rubbing my knuckles with his thumb.
We drove back to Niall's flat and ran up to the door.
All of the boys went in, I was about to walk in then Niall pulled me back bringing me into the parking lot in the rain.
I could feel drips of water coming from my eyelashes, water rushed passed my lips and cheeks,  "Niall what are you doing?" I asked him through the rain while he held onto both my hands, "shhh" he said leaning in kissing my lips more passionate then ever, I kissed back, his hands moved to my waist and my hands moved to his neck.
We released and my mouth gaped open so I could breathe, I felt water slide under my lips, "I've always wanted to do that" he smiled kissing my cheek, "me to" I smiled walking back up to his flat and walking inside closing the door.
"What did you guys do?" Liam asked making hot cocoa, the rain falling onto the roof made everything else seen much quieter. "Playing in the rain" Niall smiled, "hot cocoa?" Liam asked grabbing some coffee mugs from a cabinet, "ya sure" I smiled, everybody else came to the kitchen to get a mug.
My mug was plain white and it said 'Crazy Mofos' haha, must be Niall's.
I poured the hot cocoa into the mug and sipped it.
I curled up in a blanket on the couch to hide from the freezing air around me.
Niall came and sat next to me resting my head on his shoulder while we sipped our hot cocoa.
"Niall I really have missed you" I sipped my hot cocoa again, "I've missed you to love" he said kissing my forehead. "Dani, can I speak with you?" I turned my head and saw Louis with tears in his eyes, I furrowed my eyebrows, "of course" I said quickly getting up setting my cup down, I got to him and held his hand as we walked up stairs sitting on the ground, "what's wrong?" I asked lifting his chin up, "E-El broke up with me" his words pierced through my ears from the noises of his cries. 
I leaned in hugging him gently, but he clinched to my like a child just lost their mother.
"It's alright, shhhh.... Do you know why she did?" I whispered playing with the bottoms of his jeans, "n-no I don't..." He wiped his tears, I held onto both his hands kissing his cheek. 
"It's alright, your beautiful inside and out, any girl who dates you is lucky" I smiled at him, he smiled back nodding.
I brought him down stairs and went to go sit with Niall.  
I went on Twitter and was scrolling through everything, 
I came across a picture of me and Niall walking down the road holding hands, the caption read: 'eew, why would he date her??' 
I sighed at it and kept finding hate comments and captions about me, some about Niall and I.
I can't believe te ones that were just so disgusting.
Tears were bundling up in my eyes, I knew if I blinked the tears would fall.
I tried hard not to blink, but couldn't hold them in any longer, I let a tear fall, then another and another and another, my lip was quivering, my mind kept running through all te words they called me. I bit my lip, I accidentally sniffled and Niall heard it, he looked down at my red face, teary eyes, and the streams falling from my eyes. "Babe whats wrong?!" Niall got off the couch going to his knees holding my hands in his, I let out more tears, I handed him my phone showing him what they said. He was concentrated in reading, he looked up and wrapped his arms around me, "I'm so sorry" he whispered in my ear.
"It's not your fault" I managed to choke out, all the other boys walked over to me, "what happened?" They all asked looking at my tears, "babe stay here, I'm gonna go tell them, alright?" I nodded and cuddled up to the couch, 
A few minutes later Liam came out hugging me, I hugged back, but I gripped to him. 
I felt like a little kid all over again, not wanting to let go of my (biological) dad when he left,

I had heard yelling down stairs, I was bundled in my room, just looking at the sun falling, and the moon rising.
The moon-lit room became quiet of the yelling after the front door had slammed. I looked out of my window and saw my dad walking to his car, I ran down stairs trying to catch my breathe. I got outside and ran across the cold night grass barefoot trying to reach my dads hand before he got to his car. I grabbed his hand and his head shot up, he turned around facing me. "Daddy where are you going?" I said trying to crawl up his torso getting to his arms for him to hold me. "I have to go, but just remember that I will love you forever, nothing will ever change that. Your my little monkey, and your special" he smiled trying to let me down, but I just gripped to him, "Daddy don't leave!" I yelled as my mom pulled me away from him slapping me. 
I cried and held my cheek trying to reach out for him, but he was already in his car driving off.

I came back to reality where Liam stood there with his arms wide open with me just in them, he had a confused look on his face, so did all the other boys, "sorry, I was deep in thoughts" I whispered letting to go his torso. "It's alright" he gave me a reassuring smile.
All te boys came over giving me hugs.
About 5 hours later, we were done watching 2 movies in the lounge room.
I walked up to Nialls room while the credits were rolling. 
Niall grabbed my hand while I got up, he was holding onto it like his life depended on it, "where are you going?" He asked, "I'm going to sleep" I smiled kissing his forehead, "I'll go to" he said getting up holding my hand. 
We got to his room and I was about to lay down then Niall held hold of my arm, pulling me gently towards him. 
He had taken his shirt off, he pulled me up against him, there were no gaps now, he looked at my eyes, his blue eyes twinkled at mine.
He slowly walked over turning on the song 'I wish' but turned the volume down a bit.
He started slow dancing with me, 
I rested my head on his shoulders.
My heart beated faster, his started to. He turned his head towards mine and pecked my lips.
He looked me in the eyes, I met his eyes and our eyes locked with each others, "I love you" I whispered, and pecked his lips restarting our dance.
His hands were on my waist, the moonlight was gorgeous in his room.
He went and laid down after dancing, I followed him and crawled into his arms and pecked his cheek.

Harry's POV:
I was going to the guest bedroom next to Niall's room, I was passing his room and heard music playing, I peeked my head in and saw them slow dancing with each other, I saw him peck her lips. And that might as well killed me inside. Their eyes locked and  and I saw Dani whisper I love you to him, I blinked and tears were forming. I really liked Dani.. But she'll never love me. A tear fell from my eye.
She pecked his lips once more and started dancing again. When the song ended they were in each others arms in his bed.

I bit my lip and walked away letting them sleep.

Niall's POV:
I truly loved Dani, and tonight she silently cried into her pillow while I wrapped my arms around her waist. 
I felt hurt when she was hurt.
She was my princess, she is better then all the haters. She deserves a good life, and I'm not giving her that. I'm giving her a painful life, a life that's full of different emotions from 5 guys around her.
I gripped her more firmly, she turned my way and nuzzled her head into my bare chest, she was so precious.

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