Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


13. Titles are weird.



Dani's pov:

I woke up with a big smile on my face, but when my eyes fluttered open Niall wasnt laid next to me, and my smile dropped.

I ran my fingers through my soft hair and sat up looking over at the clock, 11:03am.

I got a hair band from my wrist and pulled my hair into a high messy bun while sitting in bed, i slowly put my legs on the side of the bed and walked down stairs.

I saw Niall struggling to make pancake mix in the kitchen, i smile and laugh to myself, i started walking to the kitchen when he looked over at me walking up to me holding my arms, "go lay down while i ake breakfast" he smiled with a red forhead, i smiled and put some hair that was in his face out of his face, " i think you need some help making those pancakes," i laughed a bit, "no no, princess go sit and watch tv, i'll be done soon" and with that he kissed my forhead turning around resuming trying to make his pancakes, i smiled and walked into the kitchen getting some butter and milk handing it to him, "you might need this" i whispered and kissed his cheek while he looked up with a embarrassed blush on his face, i walked off plopping onto the couch.

I was scrolling through channels and jumped when i heard a scream come from up stairs, i quickly got up running to the stairs, i got on all fours to go up the stairs to make a quicker trip, I got to Louis's door and opened it, i saw him panting and tossing around.


   **End of previously**

I ran to his side and brushed his hair out of his face, and held him in my arms. "Louis, its alright. Im here now" I whispered and ran my fingers through his hair, he opened his eyes "no, no, its not alright.. why do i keep having these nightmares?" He asked sitting up looking straight into my eyes, his blue eyes glistened in the morning light.

"honestly, i dont know...but what was your dram about this time?" I forrowed my eyebrows taking im into my hold again.  He held my hand while i held him, he rubbed little circles on my hand..

"Well, we were on otour, and at the airport. And some crazed fan came out of nowhere and took your hand, dragging you through the crowd of people. The boys and I were yelling your name and running after you. We appeard in a field and your lifeless body was laid in the knee-high grass.

And one by one the boys started dissapearing and ending up on the floor, lifeless. I knelt down and picked you up, and then felt a sharp pain run through my body starting from the center of my back.I woke up in the dream and was tied and then beat, beat to death." he looked up at me waiting for a response, "well im just glad that it didnt really happen, and sorry that you got scared" i rubbed the back of his hand, "but it felt so real. and now im bloody scared because we have tour coming up soon.: he started biting on his nails, i hugged him and brushed his hair with my fingers a few more times, "its not going to happen, Louis" i say calmsy getting up off the bed and holding onto his hand for a bit longer. "oh and Niall is making pancakes, if your hungry" i say before leaving his room smiling at him.

When i got down stairs all the boys were shritless with sweats or shorts on.


I blushed and looked down trying to find the bottom of Nial's sweats, i found them and looked up swmiling, "are the pancakes ready?" i asked trying to hide my red and warm cheeks, "yeah i kinda struggled though" he said and giving a kiss on my cheek making the warmness go away. His kisses always took my breathe away.


He took my hand and sat me down at the counter, there was orange juice, a pancake with syrup,, some eggs, fruit, and a little note to the side.

All the boys were in the lounge room eating their food while i sat in here watching Niall clean the kitchen. I could tell he was up to something today, "Niall come and eat" i begged while taking a sip of the orange juice. "Okay hold on princess" he said frantically putting some dishes up. He got his plate ready and came and sat next to me smiling showing his teeth.


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Sorry for the short and boring chapter, but i will wrtie the rest of the chapter later in a new chapter.. If that makes ANY sense at all,

buts its thundering out so i gotta go.



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