Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


22. :o blah

Dani's POV:
"We'll shouldnt you get a pregnancy test to make sure?" Liam asked and put his hand on my stomach.
"First I'm gonna see if my period starts, then I will take a test if it doesn't come" I said and rubbed a part of my belly.
"I might be a father" Niall whispered and concentrated his stare at my stomach.
I smiled at Niall, "what would you name it?" Harry asked, "we'll if its a boy... Then Tommy" I said and thought for a girl.
"For a girl, it would be.." I paused to think,  "Rachel." I said and smiled.
"Those are good names" Louis said and smiled at me.
"Thank you. Can you put me down now?" I chuckled and asked Niall.
"Oh yeah sorry" he chuckled an gently placed me down.
"Do you fancy some tea right now?" Liam asked and was already making his way to the door.
"Of course!" Louis shouted and ran up the steps and into the flat.
Everybody left one by one into the flat, but Niall and I stayed outside.
Niall held onto both my hands and looked me in the eyes.
"Dani I love you. Please promise me you didn't sleep with Harry" he said.
"I promise that I didnt sleep with Harry" I said and kissed his nose, "alright" he said and smiled. 

We walked inside together and everybody else was gathering breakfast onto the plates.
I looked at Niall who looked desperate for food, I chuckled and let go of his hand and got a plate for myself.
I put one of everything on my plate and got orange juice to go with it.
I sat at the table and took a bite of the eggs, "this is good" I said and sipped my orange juice.
"Thank you" Louis smiled and sat down at the table as well.
Niall came in and sat next to me with a plate full of food.

Everybody soon sat in their seats, "so are you scared..? Like if you really are pregers?" Harry asked.
"If I am, then yes. Extremely" I smiled.
"Well even if you are, we will love our baby!" Niall said and placed his hand on my thigh.
Shivers ran through my leg and gave me goosebumps. "Oh and Harry" I started, "why did you break up with Rose?" I asked and took a bite of food.
"She got rude" he shrugged, "oh. Uh alright" I said and ate silently.
The only noise was forks hitting plates and glasses being placed back on the table.
"Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam" Louis started. Them four faced him, "I forgot to tell you, you 4 have a interview today at 4:00 for the Virgin Red Room" Louis said and stood up, "why don't you have to go?" Liam asked and stood up as well with the other boys.
"Because I had a solo interview already with them, so go get ready the place is about an hour away" Louis said and rinsed everybody's plates off.

"Will you be alright here with Louis?" Niall asked me as held my hand, 
"Mate I'm not gonna kill her" Louis sassed, "I know, we'll I'm gonna get ready" Niall said and kissed my forehead.
I nodded and brought my empty plate into the kitchen.
I put it in the sink as stretched out my arms and legs. "It's freezing in here" I exlaimed and held my arms together.
"Awe, does somebody need a big warm hug?" Louis asked in a baby voice.
I nodded and gave a pouty face, Louis smiled and brought me into a huge hug.
"Am I warm?" He asked and rubbed his chin on my shoulder. "Very" I said and patted his back.
He let go and skipped out of the kitchen and rolled onto the couch.
"Your so strange" I laughed and sat next to him.
"And nobody else here is?" He smirked and put his legs on my lap.
"Cozy there?" I chuckled at him, "very" he nodded and smiled.
I laughed and watched all the boys run and jump down the stairs, basically tripping over one another.
I laughed and gave Niall a kiss on the forehead while he bent down.
"Be back soon. Take care of her Lou" Niall raised an eyebrow at Louis.
"No problem mate!" Louis cheered and waved at them while they left, "bye boys!" We both called while the door closed.

A awkward silence filled the air, "so how have you been?" I asked Louis to break the silence.
"Good, good. You?" He asked and turned around.
"I've been good" I smiled and stood up.
"Where are you going?" Louis asked and stood up, "to get a thick sweatshirt and some if Nialls sweatpants." I replied and hopped up the stairs.
"Get a blanket too!" He yelled from the living room.
"Alright!" I yelled back and got a blanket and changed.
I looked myself over in the mirror and smiled, I noticed that it had gotten really quiet.
I didnt hear one ruffle of noise come from down stairs, I furrowed my eyebrows.
"Lou?!" I called and walked into the hallway where a cold metal pressed against my head.
I stood in shock, my eyes grew wide.
"Don't struggle slut" a unfamiliar voice said. I nodded gently and tears filled into my eyes.
He viciously grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs.
His grip tightened on my wrist, causing it to burn and hurt.
Louis was tied up on the couch, and tape over his mouth.
The man shoved me on the couch where Louis was and tied me up as well.
"What's going on..?" I whispered to the man before he put tape on my mouth.
"Shut up" he said and slapped the tap on my mouth.
I let my tears fall and fall, "stop crying!" He yelled and pointed the gun at me.
I nodded viciously and tried to hold back as many tears as possible.
The man walked up stairs and made a lot of noise.
I saw the home phone on the kitchen table, so I tapped Louis with a free finger on the back, he looked at me, I gestured my head to the phone.
He shook his head indicating 'no. Your gonna die if he sees you'
I shrugged and cautiously stood up and tip toed to the phone.
I got it in my hand and tried to type 911 without looking. The phone started slipping and I couldn't hold onto it. It fell from my hands and crashed onto the floor, Louis's eyes widened at me. He had fear and anger in his eyes.
Soon footsteps came running down the stairs, the man looked at me and ran to me with the gun pointed and Louis.
"Make any more noise and he dies" he whispered through gritted teeth.
I nodded and got pushed onto Louis. 
The man had my phone in his pocket and a bunch of money.
 He also had my diary, "should I read a few entries? I think I shall" the man snickered.
My eyes widened, I kept all my deepest secrets in there. 
My diary had all the special, memories in them and secrets so deep, I didnt tell anybody. Not even Niall.
I shook my head while he broke the lock on it, he opened to a page and started reading.
A smirk crawled along his face, "I think i should read it out loud now" he laughed and cleared his throat.
A tear slid down my face while he began to read; "dear diary, today Niall and I are on vacation for our 1 year anniversary" he started and chuckled.
I knew what else was coming from the entry.
"We hung out, kissed, laughed, and acted like the cute couple type. 
I was so excited whenever he purposed. It was the best day of my life, after I said yes we brought things into the bedroom." 
The man started smirking at me, I blushed in embarrassment and fear.
"Shall I say what you two did?" The man laughed.
I shook my head back and forth, "then lets get to another page." 
He snapped and turned a few pages back,
"Dear diary," he started. "Today Louis had another bad dream. I held him in my arms and told him everything would be alright.
I hate saying this, but I have a soft spot for Louis" the man said.
I looked at Louis who was already staring at me, he gave the 'wtf, are you serious?' Look.
I sighed and looked down.
I heard a door barge open, I saw Harry holding the mans gun and pointing it at him.
The man dropped the diary and kicked Harry.
Harry fell to the floor but immediately stood up. He punched the guy and kicked him, in the face, balls, and stomach.
The man stood frozen in fear, Harry grabbed the man and shoved him outside while he went outside to and called the cops.
All the other boys came inside, all so confused, when they saw us they ran over and helped untie us.
"What in the world happens?!? Lou I thought you said you would take care of her??" Niall asked and then finished untiying me.
Zayn ripped the tape off of Louis' mouth, "OW!" Louis exlaimed and held his mouth.
"Sorry" Zayn chuckled. "Niall I was then somebody barged in; causing all of this mess!" Louis said pointing to some broken things.
And accidentally my diary, "oops" Louis said and tried to hold Niall back from picking it up.
"Lou let go" Niall said and un-latched Louis's hand from his shirt.
Niall picked it up and read it, "y-you like Louis?" Niall asked and slammed it down on the counter.
"Only a little bit! Please don't be mad!" I begged and ran to him.
"Babe I'm not mad. My protective instincts just grew" Niall scoffed while glaring at Louis saying 'if you touch her I swear I will rip your head off and throw you into a fire pit' with his face.
"Niall I love you, and only you" I said and held his face in my hands. I leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss, "I love you to" he replied and smiled. "Okay love birds the cops are on their way..." Harry said while coming into the room with the man in his arms.
"Why did you guys come back?" I asked and sat down on a stool.
"I forgot my phone" Liam said and picked it up, "oh. Will you be going back?" I asked. "Yeah. But I'm not sure if I should leave you here. Safety issues" Niall said.
"Niall I'll be fine. Harry called the cops" I raised an eyebrow. He took a long sigh, "alright. No funny business you two." He raised a eyebrow, "be back soon" Niall said and kissed my forehead.
I nodded and lead them out right as the cops pulled up. "Ma'am is this the thief?" A cop asked and walked up one. "Yes sir" I replied and helped him pick up the man.
"Alright. I'll take him in, did he hurt you or have any weapons on him?" He asked, "he didnt hurt me purposely, but he has a gun" I said and pulled it out of his pocket.
"Thank you. We'll lock him up" the man said and put hand cuffs on him, "alright thank you" I said and closed the door while he walked to his car.
I turned around and Louis was standing right their with his arms crossed and a eyebrow raised.
"What?" I asked and walked around him, only to be stopped.
"Do you actually like like me?" He asked and stared into my soul.
"Yes! Only a little though, please don't talk about it" I replied and pushed away from him.
"Sorry" he said and ran up the stairs, "Louis wanna talk about this later?" I asked "sure!" He yelled from up stairs.
I stood there and looked around the place; admiring some pictures of Niall and I that were placed on the kitchen counter.
I walked up stairs and plopped onto mine and Nialls bed. "Louis I'm gonna take a nap" I said and walked to his room door.
He was sitting on his bed playing on his phone, "alright. I'll be here" he smiled. I nodded and yawned while walking back to my room.
I put on a shirt that went a little above my knees and some women boxer briefs.
I slipped under the blankets and curled up to Niall's pillow that was cold and smelled like him.

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