Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


1. New school

   Haii c: Im Dani. Let me tell you about me before you continue! 
Hair- light lavender and wavy
Eyes- green, but I sometimes wear blue contacts
Height- 5'3 I know I know I'm short..
Age- 15 
Best friend- Ray 
Name- Dani Shuttle
Now you know how I look and my best friend. So lets get started.

Dani's POV: 
I heard my iPhone alarm go off playing the song Drunk by Ed Sheeran. I slowly opened my eyes and stretched my arms and smiled, I looked over at the sun blaring through my white and black curtains. I plopped my arms down on my bed and turned on I Love It and got up out of bed and couldn't care less how my bed remained. I took my phone and walked into my red, black, an white bathroom and plugged my phone into the charger on the counter. I grabbed a towel from my top cabinet and laid it down on the white floors. I opened up the red and black shower curtains and turned on warm water. I put the water-stopper in the drain to take a bath, I had showered last night so I wasn't that dirty. I heard my phone buzz so I walked over and looked at the caller id. It read 'Ray' I unlocked my phone to answer it.
*phone call* 
"Hey" I said holding the phone between my head and shoulder while I put some bubbles in the water, then I took my phone and held it to my ear. 
"You ready for the first day of school?" She asked, I could basically feel her jumping up and down squealing. 
"I guess, I can't wait to wear my new clothes I got shopping with you the other day" I smiled and turned off the water. 
"Ya, I'm gonna wear my black ripped skinnies, my red toms, my green beanie, and my Nirvana t-shirt." She explained, she also added what she would do with her hair, but that would take to long to explain. She loves her hair. It's like her baby. 
"Cool. My outfit is gonna be a surprise, so don't ask about it!" I kinda demanded. "Alright, Alright. I gotta go get ready. Talk later." I hung up and chuckled to myself. 
I put my phone down and took my pajamas off and put a candle that had the scent of 'Warm Vanilla' it was my favorite scent, it kinda breeded with the smell of a cozy cabin, vanilla, a cozy fire, and just plain coziness. I wonder how people make candles smell so good.. One time I saw a water color scent, I didnt smell it, but I saw it.  
I put down the lighter and got in the tub. It was relaxing, I looked over at my iHome to see the time, '7:45' it read.
"Crap!" I raised my voice and drained all the water down and switched to the over-head to wash my hair. I washed it quickly but it seems liked forever. I loved my bathroom, it was so calm and the lights were dim. My mom was kinda rich and my grandma left all her money when she died, so our house was big and I had anything I could ever want, but I felt bad for Ray because she was always saying how much she wished she had her own room. And that she can't wait to move out and have her own apartment, then house.
I finished washing my hair and body. I grabbed one towel and dried off my body and dried my hair off a bit before I used my second towel for my hair. I wrapped the towel around my small frame and steppe out of the tub and reached for my towel and wrapped it around my long lavender hair. I dried off completely and grabbed my phone looking at the time, it read '8:13' I better hurry, school begins in 20 minutes! 
I ran to my pearl white dresser and opened up a drawer that showed me my shorts. I grabbed for the black ripped high wasted ones at the top and slammed it shut and reached for the next drawer and pulled out a flowy white tank top with a small pocket at the top left and tucked it in and grabbed my red converse. I threw my hair into a bun and sprayed a smal layer of hairspray over it. I only had time left to put on foundation. I sighed but I looked alright, I barely cared for my appearance. I grabbed my headphones and iPhone and wrapped  plugged in the headphones Nd headed down the twirly black stairs. "Hey sweetly" my mom called from behind the kitchen counter. I walked on the tile floor and grabbed a piece of bacon and speed walked to the door, "by mom!" I yelled biting the bacon. I opened the door and slammed it shut. I put my headphones in and put on King For A Day by Pierce The Veil.
It was almost on full blast. I was walking down the side walk and saw a lot of kids who were walking to school, gathered around school trees, or sitting at the benches. I saw some grey clouds form and I turned off my music and put my phone in my pocket and my headphones. I looked over and saw a group of about 3 boys looking at me laughing. I wish I had my hoodie right now.. To cover my face. I looked down and walked faster to the front doors of the school. I looked at my piece of paper to see my first class, math, great. 
I hated math, I was horrible at it. Chances are I'm gonna need tutoring. 
I got to the front doors and opened it when I was stopped by 4 hands grabbing mine? I froze and heard a deep husky voice, "where you goin?" One of the boys asks. Well hopefully it was a boy, if not, that would be weird. I turned around and saw 3 boys standing there, 2 with their hands on mine, "u-uhh.." I couldn't speak, I was nervous. 
I examined their faces while I was frozen. I looked at 2 of them then to the last one, he was hot, he had blue eyes, they were like diamonds, he also had blonde hair that was in a quiff. "U-uhh !" The blonde one smirked, "t-to cla-class." I gulped, "come with us, skip!" He chuckled and looked me straight in te eyes, he pushed the other guy that was holding me away so he was standing in front of me. "Please let go.." I tried to say but barely could, "sure thing babe" he winked and I think I.. Blushed?? "Don't call me that" I looked down. 
No boy ever treated me right.. They would use me, cheat on me, and just be mean.  He lifted my chin up with two fingers and stared at my eyes, "and why not, babe?" He chuckled again, "leave me alone" I looked bak down, I looked back up at him then looked behind his shoulder to try and find Ray. I didnt see her. I looked behind me and everybody was already in class . Just a few were outside. Probably skipping class too. 
"Don't be like that" he smirked and moved his standing position, just staring straight at me. I tried to turn around, I got inside the school but could hear him talking to the others, "stay here" I assumed he was gonna stalk me now. I heard footsteps running to me. I tried walking faster but then I felt warm strong arms wrap around my waist. "Go away!" I yelled trying to get away. "Why should I babe?" He chuckled Nd turned me around, "because! I bet you do this with a lot of girls, and I'm just one of those girls.. Leave me alone!" I hit him, struggled, and squirmed to get away. He finally let go and just stood there. He turned around and I just smiled and sighed in relief and walked to my first class. I reached for my iPhone and looked T the time. '9:03' "CRAP!" I yelled then quickly covered my mouth, I looked behind me and saw him laughing at my mistake. I blushed but turned away so he didnt see I went to my locker and put my bag in there and tip toed into class. The teacher was talking and saw me come in, I stood there with a weak smile and clinched my back. "Your late ms--, sorry I didn't catch your last name." He looked over at me, "sh-shuttle" I had a nervous clump in my throat.. Eew, gross. "Ms.Shuttle, detetion!" I sighed and he pointed to a seat in te back, yay, I can be alone. There was a empty desk next to me and I wlked to the desk and sat there. I propped my feet on the desk and laid back in my chair, I played with the extra strands of hair that had fallen from my bun. I looked at my intertwined fingers and hair, then the door flew open. I looked up because of all the noise I heard from people's heads looking up. Oh great.. Him.. I sighed and slunched farther down in my seat, I didnt want him to see me. And if course, the only desk left was right smack dab next to me. "Mr. Shultz! Your late, detention for you too. Go sit over there next to ms. Shuttle." He exclaimed pointing to the desk next to me. At this point my back was off the chair and my head in the middle of the back of the seat. He didnt notice me, thank god, but not for long. "What do you mean, 'too?'" He asked the teacher while in the front of te room smirking, "ms.Shuttle had detention to" he chirped up and turned to the white board erring on it. I sighed again, does he really have to keep saying my last name??! 
I saw him walk over to the desk and propped his feet up on the desk like I did. He didnt look at me so I sat up more, my whole body clenched in nervousness. I sat up more with my feet still on the desk. He looked over and his bored face turned to a smile, "hey babe" he winked. "Ugh" I kinda growled. I herd him chuckle and relax down more. I kept seeing him glance over at me, I tried facing as far away as possible from him, then PLOP! 
I fell right on the hard tile. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I heard everybody laugh as I rubbed my back and thigh in pain, I tried getting up then 'he' helped me up..'"uh.. Thanks?" I questioned more then thanking. "No problem" he winked and rubbed my thigh where I rubbed it, I forced my back forward when his gentle touch got to me. I heard him laugh a bit. I tried hiding my face with my hands and sat down. I wanted to leave. Class was over and I didnt hear a word the teacher said. The bell rang so I got up for my second period, science, I actually kinda liked science. Before going to class I went to the bathroom to text Ray. 
To ray- hey! What class do you have next? 
From ray- science, you?
To ray- same! I'm in the bathroom by mr.clydes room, I had to look at his name from the hallway because I didnt know any teachers names. This was my first year here. 
From ray- alright, I'm coming (: 
To ray- thanks! 
*end of convo* 
I waited and decided to use the bathroom. I was flushing and walked out and saw the bathroom door open, Ray was walking and and I hugged her, "nice outfit." She smiled, "you to" I smirked. 
She had white hair and a fringe, her eyes purple, kinda pale, kinda tall, pretty, black eyeliner.. She was really pretty. 
"Okay so listen.." I started and told her about 'him' I didn't know his name so I refer him to 'he' 'him' or 'his.' 
"Woah.. Any piercings?" She playfully punched me. "Um none that I could see," I ruffled my eyebrows. "Lets get to class" I honestly wanted to be in class with Ray right now because she's hilarious.
We got to class and 'he' wasnt here. But his group was. DANG IT! 
I sighed and sat next to Ray, "today we are gonna have a project.. So, 
Taylor and Emma, Tommy and Ed, Lewis and Alex-" he went on and it was down to 6 more people. 
"Jonathan('his' group member) and Ray" I looked at her and sighed, now it was down to me and some boy that was from 'his' group. "Christopher and Dani." Oh brother.. 
He smirked and walked over to my desk, "okay, don't stare at me, don't be mean to me, don't touch me, don't call me any nicknames, and DO NOT flirt with me" I demanded raising and eyebrow. He put his hands up in defense and smirked, I rolled my eyes and got out a pin and paper, "I'll draw out the design of the lamp, and we both build it, alright?" I said looking up at him. He nodded,
Okay so were supposed to make something used by Natural Energy, so we chose a solar powered lamp, well I chose it. 
I drew out the lamp that was white and had black stars on it, I smiled at it when i finished. "That looks good" I looked up and saw 'him' "what do you want?" I growled and got up to get a pencil. He followed me, "just checking up on you." He smiled at me showing his white teeth. "We'll I'm fine, and you don't need to check on me. I'm 15 for crying out loud!" I turned around glaring into his eyes, "come with me" he took my arm and drug me out if the room, I tried squirming away but his grip was so strong and tight. "Let go of me!" I raised my voice and he dragged me into a room and switched on the lights. He went over and got two chairs and brought them over, "sit" he said pointing to a chair. "No! Tell me what this is about." I said crossing my arms and raising an eyebrow.
"I wanted to introduce myself" he smiled "oh I'm so sure.." I smirked and sat down, scooting my chair away from his. He looked at me and sighed, then sat down. 
"First off, I'm Alex, Alex Shultz" he stated smiling, "continue..." I tilted my head,
"I'm known for my looks, and reputation" he snickered "I figured" I said smiling and rolling my eyes, 
"One thing I'm not proud of is how fast women leave me, they date me, we go out for a while, then they leave.. Breaking my heart, that's why i am how I am now" he smiled "we'll sorry about that.. I'm Dani" I said putting my hand out so he could shake it, he did, and he showed his teeth. He also had dimples. Ohmygosh.

Alex's POV:
"We'll sorry about that.. I'm Dani" she said smiling and putting her hand out for me to shake it. I did, she was freezing cold. She was so pretty.. Wait what am I thinking? I can't keep a relationship.  "So you brought me in here for that?" She asked still smiling, I could tell she was more relaxed. "Hehe, ya.. I just wanted to see you" I smirked and winked. I heard her sigh and sit back in her chair. I gotta stop acting like I'm 'all that and a bag of chips' I told myself in my head. "Hey! I have an idea" she said shooting up out if her chair. "And what's your idea?" I said giving a cheeky smile, she rolled her eyes and giggled. Now that was adorable. I wanted to just melt and flow to the ground smiling like a fool. Wait, what am I thinking? "Skip the rest of school and just hang out.." She said grabbing her shoulder bag. "Oh, so your a bad girl?" I winked, "im 15.. Not bad" she winked back. I laughed and she took my hand leading me to the front of the school. She ran and I ran behind her. She stopped, finally, in a neighbor hood that was HUGE!
She walked up the side walk that lead to two big brown wooden front doors. "Wo" I said looking up and the massive house. She laughed and got the spare key from under a potted plant. She turned the knob and walked in, I followed. Her house was so clean, big, and and fancy.  "My mom isn't home.. Wanna watch a movie?" She said walking to the kitchen pouring some sweet tea into two glasses. "Uh, ya sure" I smiled walking over to the counter to collect my drink. "Thanks" I said before taking a sip of the nectar of the gods. 
She walked over to the living room that had two dark brown leather couches, a mantel on the fireplace, a flat screen TV, and a whole bunch more. "What movie?" She asked kneeling down to the movies. "Um.. Do you have Finding Nemo?" I asked shyly. She turned her head with a grin painted across her face, "you like Finding Nemo?" I shrugged and was now embarrassed. I nodded with a weak smile, "I love that movie!" I heard a deep voice yell from the stairs, I saw a tall guy with brown wavy hair, green eyes, and his hair was in his face a bit. 

Dani's POV:
I turned around a a grin appeared in my face, "you like Finding Nemo?" I was shocked, I thought he would ask if I had 'The Shining' or 'People Under The Stairs' he gave a shy nod and a weak smile. Followed with a small shrug. I giggled a bit, "I love that movie!" I heard a deep familiar voice say, I looked over at the stairs and saw my brother.. I forgot about him D:
He was 17 and very protective. 
"Oh, um.. Jon this is Alex, my fr-frie-friend" I had trouble saying that.
Alex turned to me with a HUGE smile on his face, I smiled back.
"We will see about that, Alex, tell me your background.. If your a good guy you can stay, if not, your out." My brother said coming closer to us. 
"Ye-yes sir." He kinda sunk back his back trying to get away for Jon. 
Jon came and sat down on the couch while I found the movie and put it in.
I went and sat down, "so tell me, your background" Jon said as the previews showed. I muted the TV and turned to the two.
I hope he gave a good answer... I nibbled my nails.
"Um.. Well, I was always hated in Elementary school and Middle school. But they stopped because I started working out and people got kinda scared.. Um, I've been played by a lot of girls and I kinda do the same now... But I'm trying to stop." He said with wide eyes, he looked like a deer in the head lights. I laughed to myself. "Your a player?!" My
Brother kinda raised his voice "um kinda" Alex got up heading for the door.
"Alex! Wait!!! Don't leave!" 
I yelled running after him. I slipped on my way right as Alex was turning around, he ran to me and caught me.
He winked and walked me over to my brother. Then he left, kinda slamming the door.
"JON! What is your problem??" I yelled, "he was gonna play you!" He yelled back, "we weren't even gonna go out!" I screamed running up to my room. I walked out onto my balcony looking for Alex. I saw him walking out of our lawn. "Alex!" I yelled smiling. He turned around, winked, gave a cheeky smile, then left.
Was I just played..?

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