Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


3. Ending if the other chapter +let me know!!

Hey guys >.<  so here's the ending ⤵

I said turning to Alex, Jon nodded and had to drag him out of my room. "Let go of me!" I heard Alex scream. I waited for the front door to open, it finally did.
I saw Alex getting pushed out onto our lawn, he paused for a little, and looked up at me, I grabbed his blanket and threw it at him. 
"LEAVE!" I yelled at slammed my balcony doors.




A/N: okay so let me know what you think :D I'm gonna post the next chapter that I already have written down tonight, then im gonna make 2 more chapters for this story.


i also have 4 pre-written chapters for Skinny And The beast. So get prepared for some drama ;D 

lol ily c: xx- Lauren

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