Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


8. Bloop!

Niall's POV:
"I'm ready to meet the boys" she said with a big grin (idk if this part uploaded so I'm writing it. Sorry if it did c:    ) 
We walked out of her house and walked hand in hand down the road walking to my flat. 
We got there and her hand tightened as we stood in front of my flat door, she was jumping with joy, I could tell in her eyes. I opened the door and they all stood there, the 4 of them..
Dani's POV: 
He opened te door, there stood 4 incredibly handsome boys. 

Niall's POV:

I'm kinda surprised how smoothly Dani is taking the news that I'm Niall, The Niall from One Direction.. I don't know how she didnt notice before, because I always wore a hat and shades in public except for parties, I opened the door to my flat and they all stood there with baking flour all over them, they were a mess. 
Harry had a chefs hat on with a wooden spoon, Louis had a whisk in his hand, and a recipe book in the other. Dani and I started cracking up as they awkwardly stood there, they all looked like a deer in the head lights.
They gave tippy smiled and ran to the kitchen tripping over each other and stumbling, Dani held her mouth closed she was laughing so much.
Harry came out with his chef had off and he was dusting his apron off. 
He looked up at us and smiled at me then Dani. He walked over and stook his hand out for Dani to shake, she did. It looked like she was melting inside from his touch. Ugh.
After shaking her hand he did his hair flip thing, the boys and I call it the 'swish swoosh swish' because it takes him 2.6 seconds to shake his fingers through it and slide it to the side.
I could see her eyes turn glossy when he flipped it, I coughed and the other boys ran out shaking her hand "Elo love!" Louis yelled smiling,"helloooo!" She yelled back smiling, she was dying inside, I could tell. 

Dani's POV: 
Harry just flipped his hair and touched my hand... I'm dead. 
I was melting inside but Niall noticed because he coughed and the other boys ran out coming up to me trying to shake my hand all at once. 
I giggled and smiled, "Elo love!" Louis yelled, it made me giggle. "Helloooo!" I yelled back smiling at them all. 
I saw Harry walk back into the kitchen to finish cooking whatever he was cooking, Niall took my hand and walked into the lounge area. 
He sat down and I awkwardly stood there until he patted the spot next to him, I nodded and sat down. He snaked his arm around my shoulder and sat closer to me.
He turned so he was on his hip facing me, he looked me straight in the eyes with all the love and compassion that he has and opened his mouth to speak, "Dani, I have really like you from the first day I met you, we've been having tough times but I want to get though them by making it up to you- I want you to be mine, and I want to be yours. You mean the world to me and I have never felt like this around any girl before, my heart jitters when I hear your name or think about you, your always on my mind. Everyday every minute, I was stupid to do tht to you- I shouldn't have danced with that girl, kissed those girls, or be a jerk around you, or at all.
I love you and only you,'I cried myself to sleep the night I left your house, when I hit you. I literally felt dead inside, and empty. My eyes were red for a whole day for crying all that night. I really mean what I'm saying, and I will control my temper, I will try. But I love you so much you have no idea, will you please be my girlfriend..?" He asked and talked quickly, I was processing his words and nodded, I was positive that I loved this man, 
He stood up with a huge smile across his face , he picked me up off the couch and I wrapped my legs around his waist clinging to him, he was gripping me so I wouldn't fall, I rested my head in his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me, "you can let go babe" I smiled, he shook his head again and again "no. No, I love you. I'm not letting go." He said nuzzling his head under my chin. He was so adorable!
The moment collapsed when we both heard, "aww" being harmonized by the boys behind us who were looking at us. 
I blushed and hid my face in Niall's chest, he chuckled and walked into the kitchen with me still wrapped around him. 
"Are you hungry?" Niall whispered while looking through the refrigerator, "yeah.. Kinda"  I smiled and turned my head to the side so I could see what he was doing, my head still remained on his chest. 
He grabbed some whipped cream cheese, and some triscuits. Nomnomnom. 
My eyes shot open when I realized, I picked my head up and my hair slightly tickled his chin, "what is it love?" He turned facing me, "di-did you, sha-share your 'special' moment with that girl..?" I looked directly into his eyes, "no babe. I am waiting for you" he smiled, I nodded and smiled and laid my head back down on his chest watching him struggle opening to box of triscuits because I was in his arms, I giggled and reached my arms out to help, "haha thanks love" he kissed my cheek and he grabbed the triscuit box while I took the cream cheese into the lounge area where all the boys were watching TV, 
"Ya know Dani.. Niall talks about you all the time" Zayn smirked, I blushed and looked over at Niall who was blushing as well. I took a triscuit and dipped it into the cream cheese,
I was about to put it in my mouth and some cream cheese fell off of it and landed on his pant leg, I laughed, "sorry" I said while wiping it off and not knowing what to do with the cream that was on my finger, Niall looked at me like he was about to laugh, he finally bursted so I wiped the cream cheese on his cheek and kissed it off. 
I felt him smile and blush,  I couldn't help but laugh a little in my hand. 
He was so irresisteble! 
I looked at Harry who was capturing a glimpse of me from the corner of his eye, he quickly turned away when he saw me looking at him looking at me, confusing, I know.
I saw his little simple form on his left cheek while I was about to turn away, I turned around facing Niall, "where's your bathroom?" I questioned him, "I'll show you, follow meeeee" he laughed, I smiled and he took my hand leading me down the hallway and turning a corner where the bathroom door was, "thank you" I smiled and walked in closing the door behind me.
I sat down and did my business, then washing my hands. I heard a knock on the bathroom door, "one second" I kinda yelled so he could hear me, but it wasnt Niall. "It's Harry, I need to use the bathroom" he said, I could tell he struggled to talk because he had to go so bad. I quickly dried my hands and opened the door, he was holding his spot, I stood out of the way for him to pass through, I walked down te hallway and heard the bathroom door close. 
"Hi love" Niall said walking back to the couch from te kitchen, he smiled and took my hand leading me to the couch, he sat down and I sat next to him cuddling my head into the side of his neck, he was finger brushing my hair while I laid there watching Family Guy with Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam, then Harry came walking out all happy and proud with a huge smile, "why so happy?" Zayn questioned Harry as he came and sat in one of the white recliners, "I'm finally releaved, I thought my bladder was gonna explode" he chuckled, I looked at him and laughed a little, he turned my way and smiled.
I looked away and up at Niall who was watching the telly.
I spotted Niall's hat on the glass coffee table and moved to it picking it up, I put it on and he chuckled at me, 
I kissed his cheek and bit my lip, "get a room" Harry smirked. 
"When were married" Niall stuck his tongue out, "when we get married?" I looked up at Niall.
I was shocked, but I knew I wanted to marry this man that I was cuddling with.
All heads were now facing us, "we'll if we do get married" he said smiling kissing my lips gently and releasing.
I smiled and laid my head back down, Niall had a really cozy shoulder, I wrapped my arms around one of his four arms and nuzzled against him.
I loved cuddling with him, "Niall can I use your phone?" "Sure love" he smiled getting up and going to his room, I followed. There was a black, grey, and white sheets and confider on a king sized bed with a dark wood framing around it, nightstands on both sides of the bed with some food and empty chip bags on them, a dark wood dresser to match his bed across from his bed, with a flat screen hanging above it with some pictures and more food on the dresser, there was also a mirror and his own bathroom. It was cool for a boy room, I silently and awkwardly stood in his door way waiting for him to come back with his phone, "you can come in Hun" he said from the bathroom, I walked in and I saw him looking for his phone in a few drawers . I saw his phone blending in with his bed colors, I walked over ad picked it up, then walked back to him holding it in my hands smiling, he looked up and smirked, "could you unlock it so I can call Ray?" I asked while he took it from me unlocking it, "here you go" he said smiling while handing me his phone and fixing his quiff a bit with his fingers. I typed in Ray's number and she answered,

Ray- hello? Who is this?
Me- hey it's Dani, I'm calling from Nia- Alex's phone, we made up.. He poured out all his feelings to me so I forgave him.
Ray- yippy! Guess what?
Me- what?
Ray- I'm dating Devin! The guy I met at the party!!
Me- congratulation!
Ray- thank you, so why did you call?
Me- just wanted to say sorry if you were trying to call my phone, its dead.
Ray- okay thanks, I was wondering!
Me- okay, I gotta go' byeeee!!!
Ray- byeee! Talk later!
*end of convo*

Niall wrapped his arms around my waist standing in front of me while I handed him his phone he took it with one and placed it in his back pocket.
He smiled down at me and I got on my tippy toes and kissed his nose again, I love his nose.
He picked me up and kissed my lips, he was being gentle. I loved his kisses so much, they make me feel like I mean something to him.
He kissed me more and walked out of the bathroom and held me while kissing me, I opened my eye and he opened his, he smirked and raised me up higher just in case I started slipping.
He sat on the bed and he fell back and continued kissing me, he turned over so he was on the side of me,
His hand placed gently, but firmly on my waist, we heard a knock on the door and turned out heads and saw Harry standing in the doorway, "crap.." I heard Niall whisper.
"Um, Niall, can we talk..?" Harry asked, his arms and legs shaking. Niall got up and walked over to him closing the door, but not all the way.

Niall's POV:
We heard a knock on the door and we turned our heads to find Harry's eyes locked on us, he looked a bit shocked. 
"Um,Niall can we talk..?" Harry awkwardly asked, I got up and walked into the hallway closing the door but leaving a small crack in it.
"Yes?" I asked, "be careful with her.. She seems to really love you so don't make her unconfterdable." Harry was talking like he knew what he was talking about, "yes mate, I know" I smiled and walked back in, Dani was looking at pictures on my dresser of my family and I, "hey babe" I whispered wrapping my arms around her shoulders from behind and held her hands in front, I kissed her head and she turned around and laid her head on my chest, swaying back in forth like it was a slow dance at prom, I smiled and placed my hands on her waist, she had her arms in between us, but her elbows were bent so her hands were by her chin, I swayed back and forth with her, 
Her head was placed so gently on my chest, my heart started beating, so fast I think she could feel it, then hers started beating fast, I bit my lip nervously and she looked up at me, "your heart is beating fast" she said smiling, "yours to" I smiled and kissed her head. 

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