Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


17. 1D par-dee

Previously+more of the last chapter:

"Dani.. Managment set me up with her, they told us to do it. They were in the corner taking pictures so people would believe it. I didnt want to hurt you, and she basically flung herself at me! I had to Dani, I'm so sorry, but I guess I should go, get better soon." He said standing up, 
"I love you" he whispered before walking out. 
"Wait!" I yelled jumping from bed and to the hallway where he was walking. I grabbed his hand, and pulled him into the hallway, "are you telling the truth?" I asked looking deeply into his eyes, he nodded.
"I'm so sorry" we both whispered at the same time while hugging each other. During the hug he slipped the ring onto my finger, and he bent down on one knee, "will you be my queen, Dani?" I saw hope in his eyes. I nodded and was soon lifted off the ground by Niall. 
He hugged me, but not to tight. 

"Aww" everybody cheered from the bottom of the stairs. 

We both smiled at everybody. 



*A/N Ahhhhh!!!! :O I had writers block while writing this chapter, so I added some drama. If you didnt notice -. - 
Continue on c: 


Niall's POV: 
I'm so glad that she understood, honestly I wouldn't know what I would do without Dani in my life. 
Right now were all down stairs, including the boys and her parents.

It started storming outside while we were watching TV and Dani apparently is scared of thunder and lightning, but she likes how cozy storms are. 

Right now she was in my arms while the thunder rippled across the sky, and lightning flashing through the grey clouds. I can't believe how skinny she has gotten, and her cuts.. 
I held onto her wrist very gentle, Im not gonna let go of it so she can't do it to herself anymore. 

I played with the ring on her finger, we both admired it while the TV blared at us trough the dark room.  
She was now in between my legs while I laid down, and her head resting on my chest. 
Our fingers met each others at her ring, I wrapped my finger with hers and reached down to kiss her head. 

"I'm here for you, I love you" I whispered to her. 
I could feel her smile appear across her face, 
"Sorry you didn't get to celebrate your birthday..." I trailed off, "it's alright, it's not a big deal" she whispered back putting her leg over one of mine. 
Her brother kept on glaring over at me, so I just played with her hair when he did. He was seriously bothering me, I know I have gave reasons to not trust me, but I love Dani and she loves me. Nobody could change that.
The credits on the TV was rolling and soon the room lights flicked on.
My eyes flinched closed when they turned on ;;;ppp
I could feel Dani flinch to. 
"You never got to open your presents, Dani" her mom smiled handing her a present while she sat up. She smiled at her mom and began opening up the big square box, when she opened it her eyes lit up and a huge smile appeared on her face, 
She quickly set it aside and tackled her mom into a hug. I smiled at her hugging her mom, Dani released and hugged me tightly. 
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 
She yelled jumping up and down. 
Ugh I can't stand the cuteness!

"We'll what is it!!?" Harry spoke up smiling his cheeky grin. I was still upset that he pushed me, but he had a reason right..? 

Oh we'll. 

"It's all of your albums, posters, some t-shirts, your new perfume, and some... Undies" Dani blushed when she said the last thing. 
I smiled and hugged her gently. 
She kissed my cheek and turned to her dad who was handing her the next gift. "Thanks dad" she smiled and began opening the thin rectangular box. She opened it and smiled, "it's a straightner" she smiled at the camera her mom was holding. 
She continued opening her presents, she got a lot of cool stuff. 
"One more thing.." Her mom said closing Dani's eyes with her hand over them, "what is it?" Dani said smiling and biting her lip.
"You'll see" mom whispered and brought Dani up to her room, everybody followed. 
We all piled inside and inside her room was Ray. She was smiling like crazy.
Dani opened her eyes and smiled HUGELY. 
She ran up to Ray hugging her and patting her back, "I'm so sorry I haven't been talking to you lately" Dani said while smiling. 
"No need to apologize! YOUR DATING NIALL HORAN! Why would you wanna talk to me if you are good friends with One Direction!!?" Ray said smiling. 
"Oh and that drama, that too" Ray said kinda guilty rocking back on her feet. "Oh that,  that's alright" Dani smiled and brought me over to Ray, showing her the ring. "Oh my gosh!" Ray smiled, then Ray got serious. "You better not hurt her" she said looking straight into my eyes, basically sucking out my soul.
"Of course not" I smiled and held onto Dani's hand. 
"Good" Ray smiled, I nodded and played with Dani's ring. 
All the boys had left so it was Ray, Dani, and I. Well her parents and brother were in their rooms. Leaving us three.

"Wanna sleep over?" Dani asked Ray while she popped popcorn in the microwave. "Of course!! Let me go get some stuff at home, be back soon" Ray smiled jumping down off of her stool and running outside. 
I waited until the door was closed all the way, whenever it did I slid off my stool and started towards Dani who was waiting for the popcorn. 
I slid my arms around her waist and laid my head on her shoulder and kissed the side of her neck. 
She smiled and twirled my hair in her fingers, "I love you" she smiled and jumped at the beep from the microwave. 
"It's alright" I laughed while she held her chest, she laughed back and opened the microwave. 
The smell of popcorn flooded the kitchen. She opened the bag and poured it into a big bowl. 
I picked her up from behind and moved her to where she was facing me with her legs wrapped around me, I stared into her eyes and leaned in while she did. Our lips connected and my hands moved from her thighs to her cheeks, I held her face in my hands while she kept her grip around my waist. I stepped backwards a few times and suddenly knocked into the kitchen counter, I released and looked around us making sure nobody was watching. I looked back at her and barely saw her face before she slammed her lips into mine. I sat her down on the counter and landed my hands on her waist.
Our lips moved with each others, I moved closer to her. I could feel her warm breathe trickle my neck while we were breathing. She kissed my lips softly right before Ray walked in with a bag in one hand and her music player in the other. 
She saw Dani on the counter and my hands on her waist, soon a smile crept across Ray's face. 
She winked at Dani who soon blushed and her head ended up in my chest.
I rubbed her back and helped her off te counter.
I got te popcorn bag and walked into the living room and sat down with Dani. 
Ray was on the recliner playing on her phone. 

Dani's POV:
I put my legs across Niall's lap while we threw popcorn into each others mouths, I giggled whenever I accidentally hit his nose with one. 
I kissed his nose where it landed and made him chuckle. 
"Ray, you still with that guy you met like a year ago?" I asked while searching for a popcorn and throwing it at her. 
"Nah, were friends though" she smiled at me and resumed to her phone. 
"Okay, sorry it didnt work out" I said while getting up and bringing the bowl to the kitchen. 
I walked back and yawned while laying my head on Niall's chest that was now beating faster. My heart started fluttering to. 
I held onto Niall's hand and kissed under his chin. 
"You staying over to?" I asked Niall and looked up at him, "if you insist" he said in a sexy tone with a cheeky smile. "Save it, Romeo. Don't forget Ray's here" I smiled and kissed his cheek. "Yeah, I'm important to ya know!" Ray demanded and came and sat on me. I groaned in laughter whenever she planted herself ontop of me. "Okay, it might be cozy for you, but this hurts for me. I now may not be able to have children" Niall laughed in pain. "Oops, sorry" Ray snickered and sat next to me. 

All the boys soon barged into the front door with pillows, blankets, and snacks. They walked over to us placing pillows and blankets on the floor. "What do you think your doing?" I asked and smiled. "Staying the night!" Louis yelled with a huge smile. "Alrightyyy" I said, playing with the tips of Ray's hair.  They all got cozy and started wrestling on the floor. I felt Niall's hands cover his friend in pain, I laughed 
 reached over to a pillow and put it on his 'friend' and then sat, smiling at him. 
He stuck his tongue out and smirked while he leaned in to kiss my nose. 
I smiled and held his hand, and held Ray's hand. She started stabbing my hand with her finger nail, she always does this when shes bored. So I guess it's time to get the party started. 
I smiled at her and got up from the couch "where are you going?" Niall asked nervously while standing up, "party time!" I yelled running and tripping on my stairs going up stairs. Ray was already in my room and Niall tried to grab my ankles from behind. 
He got my ankles before I got to my door, he laid next to me and started laughing. I laughed with him and kissed his nose. 
"What's with all the noise??" My brother asked looking at us from his door. I looked at Niall quickly who was almost on me, he looked at me to.
Then back at my brother, "Niall was uh chasing me" I stuttered and had trouble getting up and leading Niall to my room and locking the door. 
"What song?" Ray asked while plugging in her phone to my iHome. 
"Rock me..?" I asked looking at her hoping she would play it. 
She nodded and turned it on, everytime it said 'Rock Me' Niall would hip thrust. 
It made Ray and I laugh, "Niall your so childish" I laughed and playfully punched his arm. "I can be, occasionally" he smirked at me. 
I blushed and just started dancing, 
I heard someone knock on my door, I stopped dancing in confusion and walked to my door and opened it.

                     Not Travis.... 

*A/N.      who's Travis gonna be?? Why is he here?? How does she know him???      What's he gonna do??? What's he gonna say??? 
                         Where did he come

Lol jk, I will update soon xD. 

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