Kidnapped By One Direction Sequel

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4. Ziam? That's 100% FAKE....

Zayn's POV

We sat in the car with the faint sound of radio as his eyes were locked on the road. I made this really awkward, I'm so pissed at myself for it

Sometimes I have impulses those stupid things. I have  no idea why. There's just something about him...

We finally had the lake house in sight. once we pulled into the driveway, Harry ran out of the front door. "Whatcha find out? Huh? Huh? Did you vine and instagram and tweet and post for me?" He was jumping up and down. "No Harry. Liam called management and Tom. I tweeted the fans and told them we are without wifi right now."

He stopped jumping and frowned, and walked inside. "He can be such a baby." Liam mumbles. "Yes, yes he can." We both chuckled and headed inside.

Once I headed inside; Harry was cuddling on Louis while he was trying to work lyrics, Niall was working on music. And Kayelynn was reading, with a pencil and notebook beside her. There was literally nothing for me or Liam to do. So I pulled out my phone, "I'm going to call Perrie then my mum. No one bother." I smiled so everyone knows I wasn't being harsh and I went to my room.

"Hey! I miss you." she sighed. "I miss you too babe." "When are you coming back to the U.K?" You can hear how sad she is. "Babe I don't even know. Just know that I love and miss you." "Awe I love you too, but I have to go rehearse with  the girls." "Okay babe." "Muah." "Heh *kiss sound.*" I sighed. I'll call mum now. It's a good thing I found a bar... I hope it stays here.


Liam's POV

Once Zayn and I got home there was nothing, absolutely nothing to do. So I went to Louis, I sat on the arm of the couch, considering harry was clung to his shoulder on the other side. "Guys I forgot to tell you! Pack up! We are going to have to be in Tampa in four days. We leave tomorrow. And we have to drive." I innocently smiled as the shocked faces looked up one by one. "Yay." Harry commented sarcastically. He stood and grasped Louis' "Come on BooBear, let's go pack." he tugged at his arm. "okay, okay, I'm coming." Harry pulled him up and kissed him. They intertwined hands and went upstairs to their bedroom. They remind me of myself and Danielle. I miss her.

Next Niall stood. Then Katelynn. They went to their room. I guess I'll pack my stuff. I headed my room, alone.


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