Kidnapped By One Direction Sequel

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1. The Reason Of The Hate

Harry's POV

The night was filled with passionate love but we agreed to not let the other boys Katelynn know about this. It would ruin out plans. 

"Hey Harry." Liam walked up, "Did you get a hold of Katelynn last night?Your room was kinda loud." He winked. "Uh, yeah. Totally." I can't let him know that it was really Louis and I. 

"Well good for you mate.Hey will you make me breakfast?" He gave me an innocent smile. "Yeah sure. what will ya have?" I chuckled. "Scrambled eggs and bacon please." "Comin' right up." "Thanks mate." He walked away past the stairs and over to the living room. 

I went into the kitchen and found Louis looking out of the window. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. He seemed troubled. 

"Hey Louis is anything troubling you?" He turned around. "A little bit. I really want to tell the lads about us. But if so, we can't get Niall out of One Direction." He is so cute when he is upset. "Louis, I know that this will probably make you even more upset but, with out Niall, there probably won't be One Direction.

Realization grew on his face. "I can't get rid of One Direction. You lads are my best friends. Maybe we should try to be nice to Niall. Like be friends again, like before you know, happened. " His bright sapphire eyes became glassy with tears. "No I don't know what happened. You never told me."

"Niall was drunk driving one night. My little sisters were playing in the street. The street lights were out, so they were playing with flashlights. Niall- drunk driving, couldn't see them. My house was the closest to the bar- and I guess that he thought they would be sleeping... He hit them. All of them. All four of them. They haven't been going to concerts and rehearsals because they have been mourning. My baby sister didn't make it. Her body couldn't take the impact. They have been staying home, healing, mourning." He began to cry now. The tears escaped his stunning blue eyes. 

I wiped a tear from his cheek with my thumb as it made a stream down his flawless face. "Louis, were you with Niall? In the car? Or were you in the house?" He looked at me, almost angry. "I. I was in the car. I didn't see them either." Another tear fell. His face began to fluster. "Everyday I regret what happened. But I just wouldn't blame myself. I have been blaming Niall for all of this time. I was sober, I have my driver's license, I'm old enough to drink! But I let that poor drunken Irish boy drive to my house, I let him go too fast... I-I- He got all choked up. I sat in the chair next to him, and wrapped my arm around him. "-I let Niall injure and kill my sisters! I DID! I swore I would never forgive him, even though, it was my fault." He took his face into his hands. 

"Hey Harry is breakfast read-" Liam.  "Sorry Liam, I will make it in a second. He nodded and walked away. "C'mon Louis let's get you to the bedroom. 


"Grease or Forest Gump?" His two favorite movies. "Grease." He layed down on the king sized bed. I put the disc in the player, skipped through the previews and pressed play.

"I'll be back once I make everyone breakfast." He nodded and layed back. I went out of the room, closed the door behind me and went to the kitchen. 





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