Kidnapped By One Direction Sequel

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3. Getting Ready

Katelynn's POV

I'm laying in bed waiting for Niall to wake up. I started making shaped on his cheek with my finger. He let a small moan. I kissed his cheek. And pulled away hoping his ocean blue eyes would flutter open. "Why did you stop?" he groaned. "I need you to wake up. I wanna ask a question." He pushed himself up from his stomach and flipped over to his back. He leaned on his arms, "And it is?" "When is your tour going to continue?" 

Shock grew on his face. He hopped out of bed and ran out of the room. 


Niall's POV

I ran down the hall and stairs shouting "BAND MEETING, BAND MEETING!" I ran down to the living room. I started pacing all around. All the boys began coming in. Zayn and Liam, then Harry and Louis. "What is it mate? We're all still tiered." Harry commented groggily. "Lads, when are we going to continue the tour? We've been here for weeks now. We have no reception- to call the manager or the limo driver." Shock and realization grew on everyones faces.

"I have no idea." Liam got out. Everyone was in silence. "Uhh I guess I'll go into town and call everyone." Liam stood. "I'll go with you." Zayn stood as well. "Thanks Zay." They got closer and their hands brushed as if about to intertwine. But Liam pulled away as his cheeks turned pink. They have acting really weird. But I need to focus on the band.


Liam's POV

The car ride was awkward until Zayn turned on the radio. Live While We're Young came on. We turned to each to each other, and bursted out singing. I turned back so my eyes were on the road. I rolled down the windows and opened the sunroof. We jammed until the song was over. I thought. Zayn plugged his phone in and played our first two albums- except the slow songs... Well he played one. 'More Than This'. Then he kept talking about Danielle and Perri. Like what he thought he would do without her and what I would do without Dani. He told me that he thought that we would be gay. He said maybe together, but he liked Austin Mahone too. I don't know if I should be insulted or relieved. 

We got to a small cafe with wifi and great reception. "Zayn update twitter. Tell the fans that we don't have wifi for a bit, I'm going to call the manager and the limo driver." He nodded and went over to a table. I opened my phone app and dialed the manager's number.

"WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE ALL OF YOU?!?!" "I'm sorry man. We found a girl with a broken leg at the last concert we went to, and a lot of crazy stuff went on. The other boys are at the lake house. I came into town to call you and Tom." He sighed loudly. "Okay. But when are you going to show up again? There are thousands, no millions of disappointed Directioners around the globe because their concerts are keep getting pushed back." "I know, I know. Where is the next place?" "From Georgia , you all are going to Tampa, Florida."Okay, when?" "Four days." "We'll be there." "You better be." *beep beep beep* He hung up. "Now to call Tom" I sighed. "Hello?" "Hey Tom, it's Liam." "Liam... Why the bloody hell didn't you call me that morning?" "I'm sorry Tom I got caught up in other things. The boys and I have been staying at the lake house; without any reception. I came out to the city so I could call you and our manager." "Okay Liam. Well I'll see ya in Tampa then. Bye bye now." He hung up... That went better than I expected. 

"Zay, we need to head back. I need to tell everyone that we need to leave tomorrow to get to Tampa, Florida." "Alright ba-Laim..." He awkwardly smiled. Did he just almost call me babe? "What?" I questioned. "Believe you're right! Let's go!" He stormed out of the place. "Uhh okay?" I whispered.   

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