Kidnapped By One Direction Sequel

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2. Back To Normal?

Niall's POV 

Katelynn got to sleep in my bedroom last night. Hers was occupied... We aren't going to let Louis or Harry know that we are aware of what they did last night. Or the other boys, we could get terribly punished. 

She was asleep in my arms. Her hazel eyes began to flutter open. "Morning beautiful." she smiled, I leant down and kissed her forehead. "Good morning Niall." She smiled. *sniff sniff* "I smell bacon." She perked up. "Haha I love you." She broke out of the 'bacon trans' and looked at me "I love you too." 

I went to kiss her and she hopped out of the bed. I looked at her in shock as she stood in the doorway. She winked, "Maybe later. There is bacon in the picture now." She ran out of the door. I chuckled to myself. 

I went into the kitchen, I found Katelynn giggling, sitting at the table. Harry hovering over the stove with a huge smile on his face."What's up guys?" I questioned. Katelynn turned to me. "Hey sweetie, did you know how funny Harry is?" She giggled. "Yeah, I think I have heard a joke or two." I put a fake smile on. 

I don't think I have ever heard a joke come out of Harry's mouth. Well not since the X-Factor. 

"I'm supposed to make these eggs... I guess I should get crackin'!" He chuckled. Katelynn only let out a small giggle. "Is the bacon ready yet?" she questioned. "That's my girl!" she laughed for real that time. Fuck yeah. I laughed to myself. "What's so funny?!" she asked somewhat defensively. "Haha, nothing, just thinking of something funny, is all. So Harry... is it done?" he chuckled "You two are perfect for eachother. But yes, yes it is." He turned around with a plate piled high with bacon. "LIAM, ZAYN, BREAKFAST." He shouted. They came running through the door. "WAIT!" Harry exclaimed. Harry had a plate in his hand. He took some bacon and eggs- the plate already had toast. He got a tray and put the plate on it. He got a glass of water then said "May the Hunger Games begin." He smirked then left.  

"Well that was weird." Liam said after a moment of silence. "Yeah. I wonder what he is doing." Zayn pondered while stuffing his face.


Harry's POV

I left the kitchen with a plate of food for Louis. I walked up the stairs. I walked down the hall, to the master bedroom, and opened the door. "Louis, I got you-" I looked up and found Louis masterbating while on mt laptop. "Louis. What. The. Fuck Man!" I shouted as I slammed the door behind me. "I missed you." He blushed. "Louis, you knew I was coming back." I sighed. "Yeah but you were taking along time." He gave me the typical sad puppy face. "Go wash your hands, and eat your breakfast. Then we'll talk." I smirked. Then I set the tray on a small table near me. He stood up and walked over to me. He hadn't fixed his pants or anything. But he put his arms around me. He locked the door behind me. Then he pushed me up against the wall and pressed his soft lips to mine. This felt so right. Being in his arms. "Louis." I whispered. "Yes?" he pulled away; shocked and scared. "Louis, don't worry about anything, I was only going to say if you love me as much as I love you, then we should tell everyone. Today." I plastered a cheeky grin to my face.

He pondered a moment. "Ya know what? You're right!" He smiled. "YAY!" I squealed like, like, a Directioner at one of our concerts. I kissed him, grabbed his hand, unlocked; and flew open the door and started down the hall. "HARRY! Wait!" I stopped "What?" "My pants..." he replied. "Oh yeah!" I took my free hand and pushed that sucker in. Then zipped up his pants. "Ow.." I chuckled a bit and ran to the kitchen. Our hands intertwined.


Louis' POV

"Guys we wanna tell you something..." Harry started. "Harry and I are-are.." I got choked up. "It's okay babe." he whispered. I nodded and blushed. Harry continued. "Louis and I are, well, involved." everyone looked confused. "Harry is my boyfriend!" I blurted out the confusion got replaced with shock. Shit.


"Really?" Zayn finally choked out. "Yeah!" Harry cheered. "Katelynn, can I talk to you and Niall in private?" "Umm yeah." Katelynn responded. "Sure." Niall wasn't as willing as Katelynn. 


"What do you want Louis?" Niall stated- obviously annoyed. "I wanted to apologize for all the trouble and suffering that I have caused. Everything is behind me now. Katelynn, I'm really sorry, but what I told you was true. I only wanted happiness. You make Niall happy and I wanted in. But I have Harry now. Niall, you know why I hated you. But you didn't understand. But that's behind me as well. I want to apologize for blaming you all of this time, when it was my fault. I want things to be like when One Direction just became a band." He smiled. And I returned the favor. 

He did something. Something I wasn't expecting. He teared up, and hugged me. "Louis, that's all I've wanted to hear since that night mate. I'm so sorry that it happened. And that we couldn't save them. But she is in a better place now. And she will always live in your heart." He was crying into my shoulder, and I was crying into his. Harry came in, "Hey babe, OH BOO BEAR! Are you alright?!" Harry rushed over to me. Katelynn went to Niall.

Niall and I seperated. "Yeah I'm fine Harry." "I love you man, you're one of five of my best friends." I said obviously pointing it to Niall. He smiled. "I love you too bro." 

Katelynn and Niall walked away. "Are you okay?" Harry repeated. "Yeah looks like things will go back to normal." I smiled. "Just according to plan."

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