our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


11. The truth hurts so much more

Riley's POV


*the next morning*


I had got a text from Justin, but not just some ordinary text.


I can't believe what I am seeing.....




Its a video of Justin and Grace. I watched it. It was clear that they had just had sex because Grace was in her bra and underwear. Justin seemed to enjoy the company of Grace, because he just kept wanting to kiss her. He was also holding the camera. so he knew that they were being recorded. Then at the end of the video Grace mouthed the word "bitch". That really hurt inside of me.


Why is this happening? what do I ever do to them?


I mean Grace seemed a little annoyed with me and Justin, but I wouldn't think she would do this. And I can't believe that Justin would do this to me too.


Its officially, I'm going to break up with Justin. I know that Grace and Justin will clearly be happy to have each other and I know for a fact that Justin's fans will be happy too.


All of the sudden I heard a rumble than a big boom. I looked out the window, It was raining and lightning.


Riley: Great just what I needed to start the worst day ever.


I sighed to myself and this time I did curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out. That was the high light of my day.


Pretty much the rest of the day I sat in my bed staring at the ceiling listening to the thunder. Thinking of when me and Justin met, and when we started secretly dating. He would always say that it was "our little secret". I thought about me and Justin's first time and how it hurt so bad but felt so good. All these memory's will forever be memory's. Its sad to think about but the truth hurts so much more.


* * *



Justin's POV



11:20 am.


I woke up the next morning with Grace in my bed wearing only her bra and underwear. It was obvious that we had fun last night. I remember parts of last night like me and Grace dancing really, REALLY, close, making out with her and carrying her up to my bed. But the worst memory of last night was finding out that Riley is cheating on me.



Grace slowly opened her eyes.


Grace: good morning.

Justin: morning.


she reached in and gave me a kiss. I kind of feel bad that I'm with Grace right now and me and Riley are still dating....... kind of. But I shouldn't feel bad she cheated of me, I guess.


Grace got up and went in to my closet and came out dressed in one of Riley's comfy outfits that she left here. Grace looked good in it but it looks more better on Riley.


Grace: what do you think?

Justin: you look cute.

Grace: aww thanks baby.


She jumped on the bed and hovered over me and started to kiss me. It wasn't the same as kissing Riley.


Grace: what's wrong?


she could clearly see that I was sad.


Justin: nothing.

Grace: is it Riley?

Justin: ya.

Grace: forget about her, she doesn't even love you.


she was right. If Riley did love me she would not have cheated on me. But, I guess, the truth hurts so much more. I sighed.


Grace: But I do know a girl who does love you.


I smiled.


Justin: and who's that?

Grace: me.


she bent down and kissed me again. It wasn't the same like kissing Riley but change is good.



Grace's POV


This is great I have Justin wrapped around my finger. And I don't really give a fuck what Riley thinks.



* * *



Grace: lets go watch a movie?


Justin had gotten up.


Justin: okay.


He walked out of the room down the stairs to the movie room.


Justin: what shall we watch?



Then all of the sudden there was a big boom and it shook the house. Now was a perfect time to be scared and have him cuddle with me. 


So I squealed and leaped into Justin's muscular arms.



Justin: what's wrong? 

Grace: I'm scared of thunder.


I put my head in Justin's neck.


Justin: everything's gong to be alright.


I smiled and kissed him. he went over to the couch and set me down.


Justin: now, what movie?

Grace: hmmm..... New Moon.

Justin: is that the movie with that guy who takes his shirt off every 2 minutes?

Grace: Taylor Lautner?

Justin: ya, he disgusts me.

Grace: Aww are his abs to hot for you?

Justin: no, on twitter "Justin's Abs" has more followers than "Taylor's Abs".

Grace: Don't worry your abs are hotter.

Justin: I know.


He said that like he was so sure of himself........ it was so cute.


Grace: we're watching the movie.

Justin: fine but I will fall asleep when I see that boy with no shirt on.

Grace: fine.


* * *


it was like half way into the movie and Justin was asleep. He looked so cute.

I grabbed his phone from his pocket, he was still asleep. Then I put his head on my chest, like he fell asleep there. Then I got on Justin's Instagram and took a photo of us. Then I wrote with the photo: #REALheartbreaker. After I posted the photo Justin woke up.


Justin: what are you doing with that.


he looked at his phone that was in my hand.


Grace: I thought I would post a picture of us.

Justin: you what?

Grace: Look.


I showed him the picture of us.


Justin: aren't you frightened with my fans?


I love when he uses long old words its so cute.



Grace: well if we are going to date than-


he cut me off.


Justin: date? I haven't even broken up with Riley.

Grace: Well, she has a boyfriend, you can have a REAL girlfriend.

Justin: Well.....

Grace: shh..


I put my finger on his lips and then kissed him softly. When we pulled away from the kiss I looked into his big brown eyes. And I knew when he looked into my Ice blue eyes he would melt like butter.


Justin: Will you be my girlfriend?





A/N: NOOOOOOO!!!!! stupid Grace!!!!! she knows how to mess with his mind!!!! BICTH!!!! this can't be happening!.........., sorry the chapter was so short. I'll make the next one longer. The more Comments, likes and favs I get the sooner I will update. Thanks!!!! and tell me what you think?? I want to know??? I read your comments even though I sometimes don't reply.







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