our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


13. The call

Justin's POV


Justin: what do you mean?!


I didn't give him time to answer. I dropped my phone and got in my car and started driving as fast as I could, not thinking about Grace, my family, Scooter, my friends...... no one I was just thinking about Riley.




Riley's POV


*yesterday night*


8:25 pm.


I was in my room. I was getting kind of hungry. I was in my pj's and slippers. It's still raining outside.


Before  I walked out of my room I grabbed my phone just in case I need it. I turned it on looking to see that I had 2 miss calls from Justin and 1 new message from Justin.




Justin: call me!


end of text.


I didn't read that until just now. So I decided to text him back. I was texting him not looking up from my phone and then all of the sudden I slipped not knowing the first stair step was right in front of me and I went tumbling down the hard wood stairs. hitting my head, feet, arms, ribs any body part you can think of got hurt.


I could see flashes as I went down the stairs. It felt like forever until I just stopped. I guess I was at the bottom of the stairs. I tried to get up but I couldn't move my legs. I started to look around and I saw my phone in my hand. It was sill on the text message screen.


I could barely keep my eyes open. I pushed in the numbers "911". and then I pushed call.


It rang.


Then I could here a women on the other line.


I tried to say something but I couldn't I was in to much pain.


Women: Hello are you still there?


Riley: help.


I built up enough energy to say that one word "help". I doubt she heard it.


Women: hello stick with me.... Help is on the way.








I couldn't remember anything after I heard her say "help is on the way" It was a relief.




Justin's POV


Justin: Where is she?!

Front desk lady: umm.... my I have a last name of the patient you are-

Justin: Miller, Riley Miller!!

FDL: she's up on floor 6.



I didn't even stop to say thank you. I was worried about Riley and only her.


All I head the man on the phone say was that she was hurt and now at the hospital.


I ran up the stairs and when I got to level six I burst through the doors sweating from all the running I just did.


Justin: Miller!

Nurse: You need to wait she's been through a lot and needs to rest.

Justin: No, you don't get it I need to see her!

Nurse: I'm sorry but you need to calm down sir.


Dose she not know who I am?



Nurse: sit down or I will call security!


I looked at her and she had an angry look in her face. She scared me so I did as I was told.


I went and sat down in a waiting chair. And as soon as I sat down I balled my eyes out. I'm such a dick. The last thing I said to her was "fine bitch u want 2 play that game!". I'm horrible, I'm awful, I hate myself!!




No ones POV


I'm just going to explain a few thing.


Riley is in her doctor room sleeping. she has a fractured wrist, her head broke open a little but now it's stitched up, she sprained her left ankle and has two broken fingers. But her neck is in one of those neck braces.


The doctors say she's lucky she didn't break her spin.


Justin is sitting out in the waiting room crying.



*earlier that day at the hospital*


Riley had just gotten to the hospital. They put her in the room and x-rayed her. Then all of the sudden she started to talk really quit and one guy nurse heard her.


Riley: Justin.

Nurse: what's that?

Riley: please get Justin.

Nurse: umm.


he started looking around the room and then found her phone that the doctors had brought in. he grabbed it quick. Than looked through the contacts and found a Justin contact. It wasn't just any Justin it was the Justin Bieber. He widened his eyes in unbelief.


Nurse: is this him?


he showed the phone to Riley.


Riley: ye-


she didn't finish her sentence. she just fell asleep.


The nurse just assumed it was him and went up to one of the hospital phones and call Justin.



*end of the flashback of earlier today*



Riley's still sleeping and Justin is now sleeping out in the waiting room.


The doctors are discussing what pills Riley will need.




Riley's POV



"Say somethin, if you're feeling the vide, Say somethin, baby don't be so shy. Say somethin cause you're all in my head like ohoohohhoh oh yeah."

"I want cha ta rock me, rock me, rock me yeah, I want cha ta hit the peddle, heavy medal, show me you care! I want cha ta Rock me, Rock me, Rock me. Yeah!"


I was in to music videos with Austin, and 1D! They were all loving on me!! I felt so special.


Then I looked Louis (part of 1D) right in the face and thought we were about to kiss when Louis started to talk.


Louis: Riley....... Sweetie........ are you up? Your food is here.


He sounded freakishly like a lady.


Riley: what?


Louis: your foods here....... eat up!





I felt someone pushing my arm and shacking it. I then opened up my eye to see that it was just a dream. There was a lady nurse standing there with a tray with food on it.


Nurse: aww your up.

Riley: not now I'm dreaming.


I through a pillow but missed luckily, I forgot she had food in her hands.

Then I turned over and closed my eyes.


"There's nothing like us, There's nothing like you and me, together through that storm. "




I opened my eyes, sat up and grabbed my heart. Why would I dream about Justin? why would it be him singing that song?


Riley: what's for dinner?

Nurse: well I have hear some chicken noodle soup, and an apple.

Riley: can I just have some water?

Nurse: no you need to eat something to help you heal.

Riley: how about apple juice?

Nurse: hear.


She handed me the apple. Than the whole tray.


Nurse: enjoy!


I rolled my eyes.


Riley: hmm thanks.





Justin's POV


I could feel someone tapping my shoulder. (I have been sleeping)



Little girl: excuse me.......... Mommy he's no waking up.

her mom: leave him sleep.


I slowly opened my eyes.


Little girl: hello, I'm Macy and your Justin Bieber!


I was still pretty much a sleep, but I still talked to her.


Justin: hi cutie.

Little girl: I'm 6 and 4 quarters.


she held up 4 fingers. I giggled at her age, its totally something I would have said.


her mom: Macy your 6 and your birthdays next week. Remember?

Macy: oh ya.... You want to come to my birthday party?

Justin: I would love to but I don't know if I can go.

Macy: well I live on maple road and just go to the house with balloons......... If you can come?


She said it in such a cute voice and made a pouty face.


Justin: I'll see-

her mom: Justin might be busy honey.

Macy: alright.


She said that really sad.


Justin: would you like a picture?

Macy: yes, yes, yes!!


She jumped up and down. then her mom got out her camera an took the photo.


Justin: Thanks sweetie.

Macy: your welcome!


she skipped back to her mom and sat down.


Then I saw a nurse carrying a tray with food on it. she walked into Riley's room. Well I think it was Riley's room. It had her last name Miller on the door.


I watched as she walked in and then she came out after like 5 minutes. So than I ran up to the nurse.


Justin: excuse me! mam!


She turned around and when she saw who I was it took her by surprise.


Nurse: oh hello.

Justin: Can I go in there?

Nurse: sure she's eating right now but she's up.

Justin: thanks!


I knocked on the door..........






A/N: sooo what do you think Riley's reactions going to be when she see's him? What did you think about the chapter? the more Comments, likes and favs the sooner I will update. Thanks <3









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